Viva Las Vegas (and Paris and Gothenburg)

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Oct. 3, 2015 press release from FEI

Three major cities are vying to host the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final and FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final in 2018, with Paris (FRA), Las Vegas (USA) and Gothenburg (SWE) all bidding for the global indoor season finale. The deadline for receipt of bids expired at 12 midnight last night, 1 October.

Two of the venues – Las Vegas and Gothenburg – are regular hosts of the FEI World Cup™ Finals, but this is the first time that a bid has come in for the Finals to be staged in Paris.

GL Events, organisers of last year’s widely acclaimed FEI World Cup™ Finals in Lyon, as well as major annual events in Lyon and Paris, are bidding to host the 2018 Finals in the newly refurbished Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (POPB).

Las Vegas Events (LVE), which hosted this year’s FEI World…

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RWC Round-up


As we approach the knockout stages of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, things are heating up on the pitch. In a tournament which has seemingly had everything, here are a few of the talking points as the tournament reaches the quarter-final stages.

England: Time for change?

What lies ahead for Robshaw? What lies ahead for Robshaw?

Following a disastrous World Cup from the host nation, which has seen them exit the tournament at the earliest stage, questions are rightfully being asked by the English media and fans alike at what direction the national team are heading in. As leaders of the team, coach Stuart Lancaster and captain Chris Robshaw are in the firing line, with many people believing that the two men should pay the price for England’s woeful performance. Both Lancaster and Robshaw are to blame for England’s exit, with team selection and on-field decision-making being just a few of many factors that have…

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Le maire de Rome impliqué dans un scandale de notes de frais démissionne

World Vision

Rome – Le maire de Rome, Ignazio Marino, impliqué dans un scandale de note de frais et dans le collimateur de la presse italienne depuis des semaines, a présenté jeudi sa démission dans un message adressé aux Romains.

J’ai fait mon choix: je présente ma démission, déclare dans son message M. Marino, évoquant la perte du soutien de son Parti démocrate (PD) qui le poussait vers la sortie et ajoutant que les conditions politiques pour poursuivre étaient très minces, voire inexistantes.

Le maire de gauche a mis un minuscule bémol à sa démission, rappelant qu’aux termes de la loi il dispose de 20 jours pour changer d’avis.

M. Marino a précisé qu’il utiliserait ce délai pour voir s’il était possible de reconstruire les conditions politiques pour rester en place, mais l’entreprise semble extrêmement difficile, tous les principaux dirigeants du PD, y compris le chef du gouvernement Matteo Renzi, lui ayant…

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Orchidée sauvage au marais du Curnic – Dactylorhiza maculata

La Tribu d'Anaximandre - des photos au fil des jours... de Danièle Nguyen Duc Long

Balade un jour de pluie dans le marais, on y fait de belles découvertes, rappelez-vous   les plantes carnivores  (clic sur le lien rouge pour voir ou revoir l’article).

Voici maintenant une orchidée sauvage  (orchis tachetée).

orchidée sauvage marais du Curnic, orchis tachetée, Dactylorhiza maculata, Guissény, finistère, bretagne

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IST Classroom: Remember The Crusades

In Saner Thought

Yep…that time again.  I will force feed my readers a little history to make their day.  I apologize if you are not a history buff but… will get over it!

These days with all the Islamophobia there is always someone somewhere that will bring up the Crusades and use it as some sort of example of how to handle things…..the problem is most of their knowledge is second hand and biased…..for instance the 1st Crusade……1095.

The most passed around story is that the Seljuk Muslims were brutally attacking Christians in the Holy land……and the Pope got pissed……Launched by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095, the First Crusade was the most successful. Urban gave a dramatic speech urging Christians to swarm towards Jerusalem and make it safe for Christian pilgrims by taking it away from the Muslims. The armies of the First Crusade left in 1096 and…

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