Royaume-Uni : Il s’endort au bureau le premier jour… et devient une star du Web / United Kingdom : He falls asleep in the office on the first day … and becomes a web star

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Royaume-Uni : Il s’endort au bureau le premier jour… et devient une star du Web

Heureusement qu’il l’a bien pris. Une bonne tranche de rigolade en perspective !!

C’est son premier jour de stage, et il s’endort devant son écran : l’histoire aurait pu mal finir, mais ses collègues avaient de l’humour, et lui aussi.


Photo de famille au dormeur dans une start-up. Photo de famille au dormeur dans une start-up.  © Reddit /TheOrangeDuck


The 25 most romantic cities in the world – From Paris to Prague, via Budapest

Hundreds of locations worldwide were narrowed down based on the most breathtaking views, first date venues and popularity for couples


Côté francophone donc Paris est la ville la plus romantique du monde selon « The Independent » et j’en suis pas peu fier personnellement. On trouve aussi Montréal, très heureux aussi car j’adore le Québec, Marrakech est aussi présent dans ce classement.

A noter que Bruges en Belgique côté Flamand est aussi dans le classement.

Tous les continents sont représentés.


Paris, Sydney and Venice are the most romantic cities in the world, according to

All continents are represented in this ranking.

The online dating website looked at hundreds of locations worldwide and narrowed them down based on the most breathtaking views, first date venues, romantic history, marriage rate and how popular a romantic holiday destination they were for couples.

Here are the 25 most romantic cities in the world from ‘The Independent’ :

1- Paris, France

2- Sydney, Australia

3-Venice, Italy

4-Kyoto, Japan

5-Bruges, Belgium

6-Buenos Aires, Argentina

7-Budapest, Hungary

8-Dubrovnik, Croatia

9-Florence, Italy

10-Prague, Czech Republic

11-Montréal, Canada (Québec)

12-Lisbon, Portugal

13-Wellington, New-Zealand

14-Bath, England

15-San Sebastian, Spain

16-Edinburgh, Scotland

17-New York City, USA (New York)

18-Jaipur, India

19-Charleston, USA (South Carolina)

20-Marrakesh, Morocco

21-Cape Town, South Africa

22-Los Angeles, USA (California)

23-Melbourne, Australia

24-Dublin, Ireland

25-San Diego, USA (California)

Source : The Independent











Chris Froome questions `strange` doping scrutiny

Chris Froome questions `strange` doping scrutiny.

England’s Danny Willett Makes Power Move Up British Open Leaderboard « CBS New York

England’s Danny Willett Makes Power Move Up British Open Leaderboard « CBS New York.

EN IMAGES. Les premières photos du Royal Baby 2 / First pictures of Royal Baby 2

J’adore cette famille, je me sens un peu touché car j’ai le même âge que le Duc et la Duchesse de Cambridge. Félicitations !
I love this family, i’m feeling touched because i’ve same age that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Congrats !

Milifandom vs Cameronettes: The weird side of political Twitter

Have I Got News For Youth

Written by Luna Webster

What do you expect to see leading the headlines a fortnight before the general election? Maybe some political scandal or poll predictions, perhaps hopeful MPs visiting hospitals or schools or local businesses. Well, how about hundreds and thousands of teenage girls proclaiming their love for party leaders – in particular, Ed Miliband.

The so called « Milifandom » was started by a Labour Party member called Abby (twcuddleston on twitter). Initially the campaign was to be used to turn Miliband’s media coverage into something a little more positive by posting photos of the opposition leader looking powerful and competent, but it didn’t take too long for Ed to become the political version of Harry Styles.

The Milifandom hashtag is dominating Twitter and even provoked the creation of an opposing fandom; the « Cameronettes ». However, for some reason, Cameron hasn’t quite reached the levels of support Miliband has within…

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Éphéméride, Mardi 21 avril 2015,

Éphéméride, Mardi 21 avril 2015,.