Creating a Signature Watermark with Adobe Photoshop CC

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I wrote a Tutorial for this over a year ago and I’ve been humbled by the response. It’s time to update the article with the new and improved tools Adobe Photoshop CC has to offer. You can find the older version of the tutorial here.

1. Practice

Grab a few sharpie of different sizes and practice your signature over and over with different sizes and widths. I found that the thinner sharpies were better in regards to more detail in the ink.  Remember, it’s not a bad idea to use a « stylized » signature and not the exact same one you use to sign contracts or your checks.


2. Scan Your Signature

Scan your paper at a very high resolutions such as 600dpi and save it as a JPEG or TIFF file. Don’t have a scanner?  You can try taking a photo of the signature. Remember, a lot of all…

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VCU Rams1

Troy Daniels aims for an expanded role in Charlotte this season. Troy Daniels aims for an expanded role in Charlotte this season.

As of Tuesday, all NBA training camps had opened, which means a couple of former VCU stars are back to work.

For Troy Daniels, training camp won’t be so much about making the Charlotte Hornets’ roster as it is convincing Coach Steve Clifford to expand his role. Daniels, who was traded twice last season, arrived in Charlotte in February and saw action in just 11 games with the team. In his first six weeks with the Hornets, Daniels played in just four games. It wasn’t until the final weeks of the season that Clifford finally called Daniels’ number. Daniels averaged about 26 minutes in the Hornets last four games of the season and knocked down 12-of-26 three-point field goals during that stretch. Daniels topped 15 points three times during that stretch, including a 24-point effort to end the year.


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Watch Incredible High-Speed Footage of the Apollo 11 Saturn V Liftoff

The Saturn V line of heavy launch vehicles used for NASA’s Apollo program were to this day the most powerful rockets ever used, and this video shows an intimate on-pad view of the ignition and liftoff of the one that carried Apollo 11 into space on July 16, 1969. Captured at 500 frames per second, the mesmerizing 8 minutes of footage represent 30 seconds in real time (as described in the video by Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films.)

Why? Because watching giant machines ride controlled mega-explosions into space will never not be fun!

You can view a similar high-speed video of the Apollo 13 Saturn launch here, and check out some of the interesting Apollo 11 post-launch « B-roll » footage captured by the many cameras set up around the pad below:

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Iraq’s Abadi Defends Partnership with Iran, Syria, Russia

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-AbadiIraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi defended his country’s intelligence-sharing agreement with Russia, Syria, and Iran, saying Baghdad needs to work with these countries to defeat the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group.

 In a televised speech before his departure to attend the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Abadi said Iraq welcomed Russia’s « recent interest » in battling ISIL, which had taken over a third of Iraq’s territory.
 « Many terrorists who are fighting with [ISIL] are Russian who would return to Russia to carry out terrorist acts, » Abadi said, noting that his country’s interests are aligned with Syria, Russia, and Iran in seeking to eliminate ISIL.
Iraq will continue to work closely with the US-led coalition that has been bombing ISIL in Syria and Iraq, he said. Iraq needs « all the world’s intelligence efforts in order to fight, to besiege, and to terminate ISIL. »

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