Nikki Reed Joins The Cast Of “Sleepy Hollow” « Chicago’s B96 – 96.3 FM

Nikki Reed Joins The Cast Of “Sleepy Hollow” « Chicago’s B96 – 96.3 FM.


Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreates This Iconic ‘Kickboxer’ Dancing Scene — Watch

Julianne Hough ‘Just Had Sex’ on ‘Lip Sync Battle’ — Watch

J’adore, elle s’est bien lâchée 🙂


Love it, she really let it go and had fun 🙂

Watch Julia Roberts and David Letterman’s Steamy Goodbye Kiss

Woman in a Wheelchair Danielle Perez Recalls Winning A Treadmill on The Price is Right at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel talks to the wheelchair bound woman Danielle Perez who won a treadmill on ‘The Price Is Right’.

Jimmy Kimmel parle à la femme en fauteuil roulant Danielle Perez qui a remporté un tapis roulant (le comble) sur « The Price Is Right » (équivalent américain du « Juste Prix »).

My Kitchen Rules: Episode 41 Recap

C’est un peu le « Dîner presque parfait » ou « Top chef » australien.
« My Kitchen Rules » is an Australian TV cooking show.

Posty Revolution

While we were ecstatic to see the back of the never-ending instant restaurant rounds, we’re kind of glad they’ve returned. The last few episodes in Kitchen HQ were beginning to rapidly decline, almost as quickly as the health of those babies that consumed Paleo Pete’s deadly bone broth. We feel it has something to do with Manu dragging his fat arse back into the picture. We could tolerate his phoney French accent and inability to read the autocue for the Sudden Deaths battles, but now he’s back permanently he’s getting on our tits. Not to mention they’ve had to widen the screens to get his junk in the trunk in the frame… #bringbackcolin

Courtesy of Network Seven Courtesy of Network Seven Tonight to start this Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round is Drasko and Bianca. Just like Redemption Round and Colin’s Surprise Round, the Channel Seven Producers have tried to spin this round off as something…

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