Pourquoi la Fed Pourrait-Elle Être Contrainte À Réévaluer Fortement L’Or Par Jim Rickards

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Pourquoi la Fed Pourrait-Elle Être Contrainte À Réévaluer Fortement L’Or Par Jim Rickards


Voici un nouvel article magistral de Jim Rickards, publié le 1er octobre 2015 sur DailyReckoning.com, qui parvient à expliquer en 1500 mots pourquoi les QE de la Fed n’ont pas créé d’inflation, pourquoi elle finira par en produire et comment elle pourrait se retrouver contrainte à réévaluer fortement le cours de l’or pour y parvenir : 

« L’incapacité de la Fed à créer de l’inflation est l’une des énigmes de sa politique monétaire des 8 dernières années. Pour la plupart d’entre nous, ce fait est étrange. Les gens associent l’inflation aux politiques monétaires erronées des banques centrales, et plus particulièrement de la Fed.

Pourquoi les QE n’ont pas créé d’inflation ?

La « création monétaire » est perçue comme menant tout droit à l’inflation. La Fed a créé presque 4 trillions de dollars depuis 2008. Pourtant, l’inflation (telle que…

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Le Huffington post publie noms et photos de ceux qui s’opposent à l’invasion migratoire !

NYCC 2015: Geek Guide to NY Comic Con Courtesy of Foursquare & ReedPOP

Graphic Policy

nycc geek guide

·         Action Burger

Tip: “Free video games while you wait… Open late.” – Carey

·        Barcade

Tip: “25 craft beers on tap and 80s style arcade games, what’s not to love?! Also- Happy hour runs 2-8PM Saturdays and Sundays.” – Stevie

·         Brooklyn Brewery

Tip: “Very good beers, nice authentic atmosphere. All you need to meet some friends and have a chat!” – Maxine

·        Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Tip: “Superhero store that poses as a front for a non-profit supporting kids creativity?! This place is just the best. Restock on capes, buy cans of gravity, or follow the trap door to volunteer with kids.” – Andrea

·         Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park

Tip:  “Courtyard by Marriott shares this space with Residence and is the official hotel of New York Comic Con. The Bistro will be serving NYCC themed cocktails.” – Foursquare

·         Discovery…

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Recette n°2740: (Chine) Wok de riz parfumé aux champignons noirs

Mémoire de marmite


i22ill( vous pourrez rajouter à la fin, au moment de tout frire dans le wok, juste après les légumes, du poulet, dinde, porc coupé en dés, des filets de poisson en carrés ou une omelette fine découpée en lanières. Cuisson 10 à 12 mn environ)

Pour 4 personnes:

200 g de riz parfumé

50 g de champignons noirs déshydratés

1 gousse d’ail

2 oignons

2 carottes

100 g de brocoli

100 g de pois gourmands

1 cm de gingembre frais

1 cuillère à soupe de graines de sésame

1 cuillère à soupe d’huile de sésame

1 cuillère à soupe d’huile d’arachide



Faire tremper 10 mn les champignons dans de l’eau bouillante. Puis les égoutter.

Faire cuire le riz dans de l’eau bouillante salée. Oter du feu et laisser refroidir.

Pendant ce temps: – Rincer et sécher les pois gourmands.

Peler et émincer ou couper en mini dés les…

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Calais terminal ‘invasion’ halts Eurotunnel overnight

Serpent's Egg

More than 100 refugees and migrants storm French terminal in what officials describe as an organised attack

French police inspect a fence broken down by refugees to enter the Eurotunnel site in Calais. Photograph: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

A “large and co-ordinated” group stormed the tracks at Calais at around 12.30am local time, Eurotunnel said.

Several Channel tunnel staff and two police officers were injured during the incident, the rail company said. Police are believed to have arrested up to 100 people.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said: “It’s a massive invasion and intrusion by a very large and co-ordinated group of migrants. They are being gathered up by the police authorities.


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Once a Liberal stronghold, this riding has been targeted as Tories’ best hope of gaining a Montreal foothold | National Post

Nashen Notes

CSL Mayor Anthony Housefather at his campaign launch to seek the Liberal Party of Canada nomination in Mount Royal CSL Mayor Anthony Housefather at his campaign launch to seek the Liberal Party of Canada nomination in Mount Royal

Battle for Mount Royal: Pierre Trudeau’s former riding has a large Jewish population and is seen by the Conservatives as their best chance of gaining a Montreal foothold

Source: Once a Liberal stronghold, this riding has been targeted as Tories’ best hope of gaining a Montreal foothold | National Post

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South Australi’s Nuclear Royal Commission’s hypocrisy on renewable energy as ‘low carbon’ option

Nuclear Australia


scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINSouth Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission seems to be focused on electricity generation from low carbon sources, but is paying lip service only to renewable energy
The Commission is currently holding public hearings http://nuclearrc.sa.gov.au/public-sessions/ in Adelaide.  They run from 9th September through to 8th October. These hearings are devoted to 6 topics :
  1.  Climate Change and Energy Policy
  2. National Electricity Market
  3. Geology and Hydrogeology of South Australia,
  4. Low Carbon Energy Generation Options,
  5. Estimating Costs and benefits of Nuclear Activities
  6. Environmental Impact: Lessons Learnt from Past SA Practices
At the same time, the Commission is going through the submissions that it received from the public, and publishing these on its websitehttp://nuclearrc.sa.gov.au/submissions/?search=Submissions  under 4 topic headings:
I have been laboriously reading through these submissions. The Commission’s numbering method is haphazard, as they…

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President Kirchener of Argentina reveals the USA asked her to provide Iran with enriched nuclear fuel


World Leader Accuses Obama of TREASON on the Floor of the United Nations

(Conservative Tribune)  Lost in the media hype surrounding the addresses of Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday was a bombshell claim by the president of Argentina.

President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official with a request that Argentina provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.

The official in question was Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, who did not dispute the seemingly outrageous claim and has been open about his opposition to the nuclear agreement currently worked out between Obama and Iran.

Kirchener said that Samore wanted Argentina to provide nuclear fuel to Iran, ostensibly to counter Iran’s excuse that they needed nuclear fuel…

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Lucien’s Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Lucien Maverick's Den

Fantastic Mr. FoxPart of me is so glad that Wes Anderson’s movies are becoming more accepted by the mainstream, because this man has a gift.  His comedy is absurd, and the acting in his movies even moreso.  It’s like this strange mix of cute and awkward.  Everything is strange, in every movie he’s ever made.  But as strange as it all is, it’s still adorable.  This man can’t make a normal movie to save his life, but bless him, he’s got a gift where it matters most.  I honestly can’t think of another director who can do it as well as Wes Anderson, whatever you call his style.  This movie is no exception.  Perhaps it’s fitting that he has adapted a book by Roald Dahl.  That man couldn’t tell a normal story to save his life either.  These two were made for each other.

In true Wes Anderson fashion, the plot of…

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