Tempête Jorge : 23 départements en vigilance orange pour vents violents

Tempête Jorge : 23 départements en vigilance orange pour vents violents


Instagram Take Battering in Sydney Storm

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As Sydney begins to pick up the trees and umbrellas that fell victim to a wild storm, one company was trying to rebuild after a disastrous 48 hours. Instagram had its poorest recorded usage rate as people simply stopped taking photos in Sydney.

« It was an absolute nightmare » said Instagram Australia CEO Phil Tar. « Nothing could have prepared us for this, it just came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, nobody in Sydney was posting on Instagram ».

Some have accused Mr Tar of taking the wrong focus from a serious situation, the numbers however, do not lie. Across all of Sydney from 9am on Monday through to midnight on Tuesday there were 11 recorded posts. This is roughly 500,000 short of the average. Here are some more statistics from ‘Instageddon 2015’

  • First time since 1952 that #Bondi #Bondilife and #Sun were not used concurrently in a single photo
  • Only recorded day in…

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Winter Storm Hits Upper Midwest With Heavy Snow as South Shivers

C’est déjà l’hiver dans le Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, même au Colorado entre autres) aux Etats-Unis mais ça concerne presque tout le pays c’est dingue. Ca arrive plus tôt que prévu.
It’s already winter in the Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, even in Colorado among others) in the United States but it concerns almost the entire country it’s crazy. It happens sooner than expected.

NBC News : http://www.nbcnews.com/news/weather/winter-storm-hits-upper-midwest-heavy-snow-south-shivers-n245861

Dame nature n’est pas tendre en ce moment / Nature is unkind these times

Un énorme courage aux victimes et sinistrés de la tempête Xynthia qui a frappé les 3/4 de la France et même l’Allemagne et également au Chili (notamment la ville et région de Conception) touché à son tour après Haïti par un très fort tremblement de terre, les éléments ne sont pas tendres en ce moment on pense à vous tous. Toutes mes condoléances aux gens qui ont perdu des proches. Courage gardez un grand espoir j’imagine que ça doit être dur à vivre et qu’il faudra du temps pour reconstruire et s’améliorer face à cela mais les choses iront mieux un peu plus tard soyez en sûr.


An enormous courage for victims of Xynthia storm which hit the 3/4 of France territory and even Germany and also in Chile (including the city and area of Conception) in turn after Haiti affected by a strong earthquake, the nature elements are not soft at this moment we think of you all. All my condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Courage keep faith and strong hope I guess it must be hard to live with it and it will take time to rebuild and improve but things will go better next be sure.