Tempête Jorge: 23 départements en vigilance orange pour vent violent dans l’Est, pluies dans l’Ouest

Les ondées gagneront la moitié ouest du pays durant les premières heures du week-end avant de se propager à l’ensemble du pays. Dans l’Est, il faudra également se méfier des bourrasques.
— À lire sur www.bfmtv.com/planete/meteo-16-departements-en-vigilance-orange-pour-vent-violent-dans-l-est-pluies-dans-l-ouest-1866528.html

Tempête Jorge : 23 départements en vigilance orange pour vents violents

Tempête Jorge : 23 départements en vigilance orange pour vents violents


Tempête Fabien : 16 départements en alerte orange

« Tempête Fabien : 16 départements en alerte orange » : http://www.lefigaro.fr/sciences/tempete-fabien-16-departements-en-alerte-orange-20191221

Instagram Take Battering in Sydney Storm

Braae´s Words

As Sydney begins to pick up the trees and umbrellas that fell victim to a wild storm, one company was trying to rebuild after a disastrous 48 hours. Instagram had its poorest recorded usage rate as people simply stopped taking photos in Sydney.

« It was an absolute nightmare » said Instagram Australia CEO Phil Tar. « Nothing could have prepared us for this, it just came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, nobody in Sydney was posting on Instagram ».

Some have accused Mr Tar of taking the wrong focus from a serious situation, the numbers however, do not lie. Across all of Sydney from 9am on Monday through to midnight on Tuesday there were 11 recorded posts. This is roughly 500,000 short of the average. Here are some more statistics from ‘Instageddon 2015’

  • First time since 1952 that #Bondi #Bondilife and #Sun were not used concurrently in a single photo
  • Only recorded day in…

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