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  1. Monsieur:


    Moi, je m’appelle DJ Marasigan. Je suis un étudiant de collège (from University of the Philippines Diliman). So far that’s all I know. I am taking up BA Comparative Literature major in European Literature, which is why I’m taking up les cours de français de base. Having seen most of all your blog entries, I have learned that your native language is French. I just want to ask for some tips on how to learn the language easier and more fun since I’m planning to shift to BA European Languages major in French next year. Merci Beaucoup. 🙂


    • Bonjour DJ Marasigan ! Merci beaucoup, thank you very much for your nice comment and i’m so glad that you enjoy and like my blog and that you try to learn French language 🙂 Well i don’t know what to tell you to help you learning French right now. I know that it’s not an easier language to learn so i guess you have to catch at least the basic French words vocabulary like ‘bonjour’ or ‘merci’ and try to learn a little French grammar if you can. I’m so glad and proud that you like to learn our beautiful but difficult language so i have to say good luck to you and i’m pretty sure you will get success soon !!!

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      • Again, Merci. We actually started off with la introduction de nom, la phonétique, l’Alphabet Français et le nombre/numéros. Now we’re determining the gender of nouns (féminin ou masculin) and to be honest, it’s quite weird and difficult but definitely fun to learn and quite accomplishing too. Our professeur once asked us at the start of the semester, « Pourqoui apprenez vous le Français ? » And I answered, « Parce que je vais visiter Paris et la France. » (I am not sure of my grammar there tho, it was the first meeting). But I know, someday, I will visit your marvelous country with a fluent speaking of votre belle langue. 🙂


        • Merci beaucoup 🙂 !!! Thank you so much again you’re welcome anytime you want on my blog and in France if you get chance to visit Paris and our country ! Thanks for your French effort you will improve to learn French vocabulary. If you need some help i will help you as i can if you want maybe. Good luck, take care and see you on my blog 🙂 !! Valentin

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