Could Apple’s Shares Drop 20%?

24/7 Wall St.

iphone6s-rosegoldThe earnings season has been one of rallies or destruction, based on expected results and real earnings. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is next on deck to releases numbers, at least among the tech giants. And earnings miss will punish its shares. Very bad numbers could drive the stock down 20%, which is a drop similar to the one it suffered early this summer.

Analysts’ estimates for the quarter are close to spectacular. EPS is expect to rise from to $1.88 from $1.42, year over year. Among the highest estimates is an expectation of $2.02. The market expects Apple to « beat » its numbers which puts expectations close to $2. Apple’s revenue is expected to rise from $42.2 billion to $51 billion. High estimates are close to $53 billion.

The Apple earnings this quarter will be based on two numbers. The first is sales of its flagship product, the iPhone. The second is…

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Central America Trip #10

Que Sera, Sera... Whatever Will Be, Will Be...

The motorhome is parked at Mary’s home in Murphys, California.

I’m planning to  depart November 30th. While here, I’ll do routine maintenance, minor repairs and major cleaning of the Bronco and motorhome.

Since those activities are not particularly intriguing blog subjects, I’m taking you back to my…

2004 Central America trip…

This trip ended up being 343 days and 16,000+ miles through the back-country of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. 11 rigs started the trip, within a week we broke into three smaller groups for ease of traveling. Only myself and one other rig went the full, pre-planned route. All the others dropped out for various reasons. All returned safely to the United States. I’m planning to show these photos, more or less, 10 a day, whenever I’m not doing something else deserving a blog entry. FINALLY, it must be remembered these photos are…

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Readers’ wildlife photos

Why Evolution Is True

I still have some photos in the queue, but the tank is getting dangerously low again. Remember, I run readers’ photos at least six times a week. So, if you’ve got good photos, send them along.

Reader Mark Sturtevant sent four insect photos; his captions are indented:

Here is a longhorn beetle, I think an oak borer (Elaphidion mucranotum).


Below I’m holding the beetle and it is not happy about it. I always like how the compound eyes sort of wrap around the base of the antenna in this family. Notice the wicked spines on its antennae. It went positively rigid while being held, and I am sure the spines on all of its limbs and elytra would make this thing unpleasant to swallow.


A carrion beetle (Oiceoptoma noveboracense). I am sure everyone knows the important duty that these insects play in the scheme of things.



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