Grant Shapps accuses Wikipedia of being gamed by the Labour party

Edinburgh Eye

As Johann Hari found out to his cost, you can game Wikipedia for a long time, but in the end, if you violate their editorial process, they are remorselessly thorough in tracking you down.

Wikipedia allows almost anyone to edit pages about almost anything. But, to avoid conflicts of interest, you may not amend your own information, with the exception of very basic biographical detail (for example, if Wikipedia has your date of birth wrong).

Michael Green MPIn 2012, Wikipedia discovered that four usernames –,, Historyset and one that’s surfaced again recently, Hackneymarsh – had been linked to « computers in the constituency office of the Tory chairman ».

These four usernames had edited Wikipedia to amend certain references to Grant Shapps and his online alter egos Michael Green MP and Sebastian Fox:

references were deleted about his role in a 2007 byelection in west London where he impersonated Liberal Democrats…

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La Norvège enterre ses premiers morts / Norway buries its first victims

Une semaine, jour pour jour, après le carnage perpétré par Anders Behring Breivik, la Norvège enterre ses premiers morts. Près d’Oslo, se sont ainsi déroulées les obsèques de Bano Rashid, une jeune d’origine kurde irakienne de 18 ans, en présence de centaines de personnes. Elle était une membre active de la jeunesse travailliste norvégienne.
One week after the massacre perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik, Norway buries its first dead. Near Oslo, were conducted the funeral of Rashid Bano, a 18 young girl Kurdish Iraqi origin, in the presence of hundreds of people. She was an active member of Norwegian Labour Youth.

Hulot très critique vis-à-vis d’ EELV

Nicolas Hulot vide son sac. Dans une interview au magazine Bretons, il donne son sentiment sur le parti Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts, après son échec à la primaire face à Eva Joly. Et il se montre très virulent.