Trailer: The Little Prince

Le trailer du film Le Petit Prince en français qui sort le 7 octobre 2015.

La La Film

Don’t worry, you haven’t gone mad or entered some kind of Scrubs like fantasy world where everything sounds French. It is French, because it’s a French animated movie, and you don’t need to understand a word spoken to appreciate the beauty of French cinema.

The Little Prince is the story of a pilot who crashes and forms an unlikely friendship with a little boy. It’s a colourful and charming tale that will hook you on alluring European language and awesome visuals. The Little Prince is released later this year.

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Humour – Petite sélection

Un peu d’humour pour rigoler ça fait du bien.
Some humor to laugh a lot it’s good.

En direct de Vanves...

Vous voulez une nouvelle sélection Humour ? La voici !


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