See Your Favorite Disney Characters as Humans

Minnie, Mickey etc…  all look pretty cool as real people.

Disney has a great way of humanizing animals, making them relatable, lovable, and even a bit sexual (don’t act like you never had a crush on Simba). However, it’s clear that no matter how human-like they are, Flounder is still a fish and Abu is still a monkey. But with a little bit of Disney magic, that’s all about to change.

Thanks to Japanese artist Chaico, we now know exactly what our favorite animal Disney characters would look like if they were humanized. These fast, anime-esque sketches are extremely intriuging, super adorable, and have us craving more.


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Coldplay – «A Sky Full Of Stars» (Official video)

C’est vraiment une de mes chansons préférées du moment, un des tubes, une des chansons à succès de cet été.
This is actually one of my favorite songs in this moment, a hit song of this summer.

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