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Singapore Zoo.

Glamping With Bison at a Gorgeous Montana Ranch Run by Scientists

Si vous n’avez jamais vu un bison de près, je vous conseille cette vidéo. Pas besoin de tout comprendre si vous n’êtes pas familier avec l’anglais, l’essentiel vous l’aurez. Bienvenue dans le Montana.


By Jo Piazza from Yahoo travel.

« Don’t try to touch the bison, » a friend warned me when I announced that I was heading to Montana for a four-day weekend. 

I shrugged. “Why would you say that to me?”

My friend made a fair point. I do love bison.

It all began with a third grade visit to the bison diorama in the Hall of North American Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I loved everything about that giant beast—its funny, oversized head that was too heavy for its body, its long and unkempt fur like my own preteen perm, its vaguely confused expression. I loved that it looked like something from another time, something truly wild.