Shot three times, woman lives in fear as thugs roam free – Standard Digital News

The third bullet went through her private parts, and now she suffers severe bloating and irregular menses and she cannot control her bladder
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New non-invasive test can help detect oral cancer, locate mouth & throat problems – The Economic Times

The new method uses protein packages in the cells called exosomes.
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Facebook ads are spreading lies about anti-HIV drug PrEP. The company won’t act | Facebook | The Guardian

Advocates fear such ads could roll back decades of hard-won progress against HIV/Aids and are calling on Facebook to change its policies
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Samoa extends state of emergency, New Zealand to fund vaccination campaign | The Jerusalem post

Samoa said a state of emergency will be extended to Dec. 29 with 5,154 cases of measles now reported since the outbreak started in October. Samoa has a population of only 200,000.
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Israeli study shows cure to breast cancer without chemo

The decade-long research conducted with participation of 1,300 Israeli women indicates that early diagnosis could mean avoiding debilitating treatment, thanks to a new grading system for patients
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