UEFA Champions League Last 16 Team; The Road To Milan.

Ceux qui me connaissent, et même parmi vous, savent que je suis un féru de sport en général. Parmi les 16 clubs restants pour les 8ème de finale de la Ligue des Champions, les clubs que je supporte sont le Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelone, Real Madrid, AS Roma et le Benfica Lisbonne avec évidemment une grande priorité pour le Paris Saint-Germain comme je suis français. Et pourquoi tous ces clubs là ? Tout simplement parce que ce sont parmi les clubs que je supporte dans leurs championnats respectifs. Bonne chance aux autres clubs encore en lice.
Those who know me, and even among you, know that I’m a general sports enthusiast lover. On the 16 remaining football (soccer) clubs for the knocking round of the 2015 UEFA Champions League, the clubs that I support are Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Roma and Benfica with obviously a high priority for Paris Saint-Germain as i’m French. And why all these clubs ? Just because these are among the clubs that I support in their respective championships. Good luck to other clubs still in contention.

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The UEFA Champions League produced a pair of nights that were characterized with mixed feelings as the 32 teams were trimmed to 16 on the Road to San Siro.

Now we will take a look at the teams that clinched top spot in their groups and the ones who where lucky enough to be group runners up.


Real Madrid
Manchester City
Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid


Dynamo Kyiv

The race to Milan starts now; the seedings for the last 16 fixtures will take place next week.


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Ligue des champions : résultats 6 ème journée ( groupe E à groupe H )


On connait désormais les 16 qualifiés pour les huitièmes de finale de la plus prestigieuse des coupes européennes. Voici les résultats de la 6ème journée de la Ligue des champions.

Lyon relève la tête, mais part avec des regrets

5356081_5ece88c393105ee5276939c511431edbae8610c5 DR

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Madonna – Street Performance in Paris (full clip)


Last night after her gig at Bercy Arena, our very favourite pop artist decided she’s like to visit Place De La Republique in Paris to pay her respects to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on 13 November.

On her way, she posted a brief message on Instagram:

I’m singing some songs in Place de La Republique.  Meet me there now.

Here’s a clip of what happened.

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YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 | #YouTubeRewind

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Bethany Mota https://www.youtube.com/Macbarbie07
BibisBeautyPalace https://www.youtube.com/BibisBeautyPa…
The Try Guys https://www.youtube.com/BuzzFeedVideo
Caeli https://www.youtube.com/CaELiKe
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CaptainSparklez https://www.youtube.com/CaptainSparklez
Casey Neistat https://www.youtube.com/caseyneistat
Connor Franta https://www.youtube.com/ConnorFranta
Cyprien https://www.youtube.com/MonsieurDream
danisnotonfire https://www.youtube.com/danisnotonfire
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Grace Helbig https://www.youtube.com/graciehinabox
The Gregory Brothers https://www.youtube.com/thegregorybro…
Hajime https://www.youtube.com/0214mex
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Sophia Grace https://www.youtube.com/SophiaGraceBr…
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