The Real Thanksgiving Story

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This recently released film by French artist JR could not be more timely. The short film simply titled Ellis stars Robert De Niro and was written by Eric Roth. Ellis follows a young immigrant’s experience in search of a new life and home in America.


At the heart of the film is the former Ellis Island immigration center in New York Harbor. Now a moving museum complex, the center welcomed more than 12 million migrants to the United States between 1892 and 1954.

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Google Drive for iOS Gets 3D Touch and Multitasking Features

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More apps are now embracing 3D Touch, a flagship feature Apple introduced with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. After Facebook, Dropbox, WhatsApp, and Waze among other apps enabling support for the feature, Google has updated Drive, a productivity suite to add support for 3D Touch, as well as support for multitasking features.

The company updated Drive for iOS to version 4.4 to add 3D Touch functionality. Apple’s new smartphones come with a pressure sensitive display that recognises the amount of pressure a user puts with a finger and triggers options accordingly. A hard-press on an app icon, or an icon inside the app, gives users a set of contextual actions without opening an app.

Drive offers users the ability to quickly upload photos, or make a search for content stored, when pressed hard on the app icon. The app is also getting the ability to receive push notifications whenever…

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Polar Bear Safari

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2015 was another great polar bear season up in Churchill, Manitoba with Bill Lamberton and Les Stegenga from Classic Canadian Tours! The bears were plentiful, playful and best of all, there were lots of mothers with cubs. Almost all of the bears were in good to great condition, including one massive male that dwarfed the others. Scroll down to see and read just a few of the highlights.

A large male bear comes in close for an amazing, up-close experience. It’s no wonder why they have the title, « Lords of the Arctic. » Their huge roman noses give them a very distinguished look, but more importantly it’s used to detect seals 30km away and through several meters of snow.

Polar Bear Head BW WM

A mother and her 10 month old cub walk along the frozen shore of the Hudson Bay. Cubs are typically born in January and will stay with their mothers for 2-3…

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