Video: Visiting Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Tremendous Times

Video: Iguazu Falls, Brazil

After a week in Chile, I returned to Brazil for the second time. It’s pretty cool, since rarely do I get to return so quickly to a place I visited already! I liked Brazil during the first week of my trip and now here I am, getting to return so soon. And while I’m happy to have the rest of my time here in Rio de Janeiro, I do still catch myself daydreaming from time to time of Igauzu Falls.

Iguazu Falls is phenomenal. If you are able to get to the falls, even for a day, it will have you in awe. I went expecting it to be a beautiful sight, but the whole experience was way more than that.

The falls lie on the border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Most people view it from either the Argentinian or Brazilian side (sorry Paraguay).

My trip did not include the…

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