Video Of Fatal Laquan McDonald Shooting By Chicago Cops Goes Public

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Chicago Police

Officials in Chicago have released the dash-cam video footage of Laquan McDonald?s shooting death at the hands of city police Officer Jason Van Dyke from October 2014. The video was released a day ahead of the court-ordered deadline and on the same day Van Dyke turned himself in to authorities.

The city of Chicago and outside supporters have been anticipating a variety of reactions to the release of video which we?ve viewed in its entirety tonight. In what we?ve been able to determine, McDonald did not appear to be aggressive when he was gunned down nor did he appear to be approaching officers. However, the video doesn?t show the original reason officers were called to the scene to detain McDonald initially.

From the New York Times:

The video was released during a late afternoon news conference, fulfilling a judge’s order that it be made public.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel…

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