TV Review: Jessica Jones

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AKA Ladies Night

Earlier this year, Daredevil hit like a bullet from Netflix. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pop cultural juggernaut, the movies tend to still be for families, an idea that Daredevil ran counter to with its dark interpretation of the character. The question of course comes, how does one top that? Both in ambition and perhaps even in tone. JessicaJones is that answer. Based on the Alias series back from the ye olde days of Marvel MAX by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos, it was well-known at the time not just for being the first comic of its kind from Marvel, but also for its unrelenting depiction of PTSD and the often failed attempts of the protagonist Jessica Jones to pick up the shattered pieces of her life.

The question that comes to mind though: is how do you adapt a story that was…

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Readers’ wildlife photographs

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Mark Sturtevant specializes in insect photography, and sent us four nice photos;

I do most of my macro photography with a Canon SLR camera that is equipped with a stock 50mm lens and extension tubes (but I am saving up for a top ‘o the line macro lens). Although I have enjoyed some success with this equipment, many subjects are too large and/or too camera shy for the close approach required with extension tubes. The solution is of course to use a telephoto lens, working near the closest focal point of these lenses. But my first instinct is to be a cheapskate, and so inexpensive alternatives must be considered.

Back in the early ‘80s, Canon had switched from their old ‘Fd’ mounting system for fully manual lenses to a different mount for their electronic focus (EF) lenses. This meant that there were decades worth of perfectly good lenses that…

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Mali/Bamako: ce que l’on sait de l’attaque de l’hôtel Radisson

World Vision


Une fusillade a eu lieu ce vendredi dans un hôtel de Bamako (photo d’illustration). Kouyate

MALI – Au moins trois personnes ont été tués lors d’une prise d’otages dans un hôtel de Bamako, fréquenté par de nombreux étrangers. Près de 170 personnes, dont plusieurs Français, seraient détenues par les assaillants.

Une « prise d’otages » est en cours ce vendredi à l’hôtel Radisson de Bamako au Mali, avec « 140 clients et 30 employés » retenus par deux ou trois assaillants, a annoncé le groupe hôtelier Rezidor. L’assaut des forces de l’ordre a débuté. Au moins trois otages sont morts.

Un assaut mené à l’aube

La prise d’otage aurait commencé entre 6h et 7h du matin, selon un employé d’une ONG américaine située dans le quartier de l’hôtel Radisson. Deux ou trois assaillants sont rentrés dans l’enceinte de l’hôtel au même moment qu’une voiture munie d’une plaque diplomatique, sur…

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Jackson on the Problem with « The Battle of the Five Armies »


Let us be real a second, for just a millisecond. By the time The Hobbit trilogy was over, everyone knew it had been a mistake. A George Lucas Star Wars prequels sized mistake. In trying to return to Middle Earth, Jackson had not only learned that he cannot go home again, but in many ways, detracted from his original set of movies in the process.

There’s one major difference though, between the Star Wars prequels and the The Hobbit trilogy. George Lucas has never admitted that he made a mistake. He’s never admitted that he all but killed his own franchise, and that if it weren’t for Disney, Star Wars would be something that got left in the 20th century when we moved on. Jackson, on the other hand, perhaps knowing that there is no Disney that will come along and revive the world he loved so much, has faced the…

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