One-Minute Book Reviews – vol. 12

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The Pleasure of My Companyimages
Novel by Steve Martin (2003)

Technically, I consider this closer to a novella than a novel.  Officially, it’s likely one of the top ten books I’ve read in the past year.  The Pleasure of My Company is a witty tale about lonely Daniel Pecan Cambridge, unemployed and an extreme OCD sufferer.  It only takes a few pages for us to realize that Daniel is either much more or less intelligent than he believes he is, or occasionally both.

Daniel is in love with one woman and has relationships with three others, even though none of them are at all aware of it.  There’s Elizabeth, the realtor leasing apartments across the street; Philipa, the young woman who lives upstairs in his building; Clarissa, the psychology student who meets with him twice a week; and Zandy, the pharmacist at the Rite-Aid only few blocks away, yet it…

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