Farewell to Tonga, Almost



The Kingdom of Tonga is a very nice place for cruising. Islands everywhere, with protected waters between, and beautiful anchorages. The town has fuel and laundry services and restaurants and a great produce market. It seems a little strange, though — almost every business is run by an ex-pat. Quite a few Americans, plus Kiwis and Aussies, and the grocery stores all seem to be run by Chinese. It’s like there are two worlds here, one Tongan, one ex-pat. The worlds overlap, and everyone appears to get along very well together, but it makes me wonder if there is more below the surface. The ex-pats all seem to love it here. Many have a story about arriving under sail many years ago and never leaving.

In any case it has been pleasant to do some relaxed cruising here for three weeks. Also fun to visit with Chapter Two, Maggie, Tahawus…

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