Confederate Culture Wars at NASCAR: Meg Thompson

Emerging Civil War

Irwin Tools Night RaceJust about the last hope for the Lost Cause might be NASCAR. As a follower and fan myself, it has been interesting to see how the sport of stock car racing has responded to the Confederate flag kerfluffle. NASCAR is not exactly known for its liberal political stances on much of anything. Neither is its alleged fan base.

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30 Questions With Brittany Lincicome

Brittany is a great and talented female golfer player, best of luck for future golf tournaments and Grand Slams !

LPGA World

Brittany Lincicome is one of the most popular players on the LPGA Tour not only for her tremendous talent as a golfer but also for her phenomenal personality. Lincicome turned professional in December 2004 and played her first LPGA season in 2005. She is one of the longest drivers in women’s golf and has 6 professional wins.

LPGA World had the opportunity to do a Question&Answer with her and got to know her better.

Check out the answers she gave to our 30 questions!

Brittany Lincicome with her parents1. Is there any difference between the Brittany inside the ropes and the Brittany outside the ropes?

a. I try to be the same person inside the ropes and outside. I try to always have a fun, light, chatty attitude. When I’m having a good time and chatting with my playing partners on the course, I tend to play my best golf.

2. If you were not a…

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Davis Cup Day 1: Great Britain 1-1 France

Good luck to Great Britain and Murray brothers 🙂 I’m French so i hope we could win with doubles match. Great meeting matches in London Queens club at least anyway.


Gilles Simon d. James Ward 6-4 6-4 6-1

It wasn’t to be for James Ward today. He is capable of causing big upsets as we have seen in the past but the Frenchman was just too good for the Brit today. I saw the first set and a half of them match and after the first few games of the set I didn’t feel it was a close match. James stood a good few metres behind the baseline and tried to defend and stick in rallies against one of the best on the tour in dictating the rhythm of the play. James tried to defend and isn’t the best defender and Simon managed to attack the forehand side quite easily. I would have liked to have seen James play a game a bit further up the baseline with a bit more depth and power to shots as at times it…

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Frozen Carbon Monoxide in Pluto’s ‘Heart’


Peering closely at the “heart of Pluto,” in the western half of what mission scientists have informally named Tombaugh Regio (Tombaugh Region), New Horizons’ Ralph instrument revealed evidence of carbon monoxide ice. The contours indicate that the concentration of frozen carbon monoxide increases towards the center of the “bull’s eye.” via NASA

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Jonny Wilkinson, rugbyman et gentleman

Men's Fashion & Sport

Jonny Wilkinson photographed in France for Sport&Style Magazine

Aujourd’hui, j’ai laissé place à la classe et à l’élégance pour le Look du jour. Parait-il que  « le rugby est un sport de brutes joués par des gentlemen », Jonathan (alias Jonny) Peter Wilkinson reflète bien cet image de gentleman avec un physique plutôt bien bâti. L’ancien demi-d’ouverture a eu une carrière fantastique à l’image de la coupe du monde gagné en 2003 avec le XV d’Angleterre où il n’a cessé de jouer un rôle important. En tant que Français, nous ne pouvons pas oublié son jeu au pieds qui nous a fait tant de misères et où le fait qu’il ait évolué dans notre pays entre 2009 et 2014 au RC Toulon, club avec lequel il fut champion de de France et vainqueur d’une Coupe d’Europe.

En tant que bon gentleman, Sir Jonny n’hésite pas à sortir le costume trois pièces pour les grandes occasions. Pour garder un style très British…

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