USA. Tennessee. Un forcené tue quatre personnes et blesse trois autres.


« Horrible incident dans notre communauté (…) Prions pour ceux qui ont été affectés », a tweeté Andy Berke, le maire de Chattanooga, la cité endeuillée par ce nouveau drame.

Le tireur a ouvert le feu, aujourd’hui, vers midi en deux endroits différents de la ville de Chattanooga (167 700 habitants)  dans la Tennessee –centre des Etats-Unis- avant d’être abattu, à son tour, par la police. Le bilan est de 5 tués dont le tireur et de trois blessés dont un policier.

Depuis sa voiture, le tireur a visé deux centres de recrutement de la Garde nationale et de la Marine américaine, situés à environ 10km l’un de l’autre.

Plus d’infos

Suivre le déroulement des opérations sur le compte twitter du maire de Chattanooga :

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This Weatherman Just Proved He’s the Most Dedicated Taylor Swift Fan of All Time


This just in: Washington, D.C.’s local weatherman can work Taylor Swift lyrics into a forecast like no other.

Ahead of Swift’s D.C. concert on Monday night, Mike Thomas – the morning meteorologist at a local Fox news affiliate – gave viewers his usual weather predictions, but with this. sick. beat.

« This rain keeps on cruising. Can’t stop, won’t stop movin’… the question then becomes: ‘Hey, are we out of the woods yet, are we in the clear yet?’  » Thomas playfully recites to the camera.

As is the case with plenty of videos featuring colorful on-air hosts, the weatherman’s forecast went viral, and it even caught the attention of Swift herself.

« Never change, Mike the weatherman. Never change, » she Tweeted with a link to the clip.

« If it does rain, » Thomas says…

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7 Habits of People Who Age Well


Exercise, diet—even attitude—can be as important as genetics when it comes to growing old gracefully. « Old age, » as Bette Davis once said, « is no place for sissies. » But that doesn’t mean you need to chicken out. Sure, growing older affects nearly every part of your body—including your hair, skin, heart, muscles, and more—but aging well may be as simple as adopting these (mostly) easy everyday habits.

1. Maintain a positive attitude.

You are what you think you are when it comes to aging. Seniors who think of age as a means to wisdom and overall satisfaction are more than 40 percent more likely to recover from a disability than those who see aging as synonymous with helplessness or uselessness, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

2. Watch what you eat…

Nutrition plays a major role in how your body ages. “The latest research shows that a…

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Biff Bam Pop’s Ant-Man Primer


This weekend the world will be introduced to the Ant-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but before you hit the theaters, do you know what the origins of the comic book version are? How many Ant-Men have there been, and who’s who? He’s my favorite Avenger, so I’m volunteering to give you all the scoop, unbiased, or at least mostly. Learn all about this original Stan Lee Silver Age superhero, after the jump, with Biff Bam Pop’s Ant-Man primer.

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