Watch a BMX Rider Nail a Quadruple Backflip


A daredevil is being hailed as the first BMX rider to complete a successful quad backflip.

New Zealander Jed Mildon rode the bike and did four backflips off a 21-foot-tall box jump on Sunday in Maryland at the motorsports park Pastranaland (named after stunt performer Travis Pastrana).

In an interview with Ride BMX Magazine, he said the stunt was the culmination of nine months of « physical » training and four years of « mental » training. In the footage aired by NBC, he seems to have pulled it off without injury, which is an especially impressive feat considering fellow BMX rider James Foster broke ten ribs and endured a separated shoulder while training for his attempt.

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Here’s Why Glass Is Still Beating Sapphire


Around this time last year, the tech world was buzzing around rumors that Apple’s new iPhone would have a screen made out of sapphire, a material considered tougher than typical glass. Apple invested over $500 million in an Arizona sapphire facility, ostensibly to produce the material for what became the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But shortly thereafter it became clear that facility wouldn’t be able to produce the amount of sapphire Apple would need, and the whole endeavor was scrapped amid a legal battle with the Arizona supplier. Since then, Apple hasn’t shown much interest in using sapphire to cover entire iPhones, opting instead for the latest version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

A large company I can’t name recently asked me to re-examine sapphire’s use in mobile devices. From my preliminary research, it looks like glass will continue on as the de-facto standard for smartphones and tablets in…

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