F. Hollande : le «nouvel homme fort de l’Europe»? in Die Welt (journal Allemand)…. #NoGrexit

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«Flanby»? C’est fini, «François Hollande is the new homme fort de l’Europe»  pense le journal allemand DieWelt dans son édition en ligne du 10 juillet dernier:«Wackelpudding » Hollande wird zu Europas neuem starken Mann».

Hollande Die Welt

Un titre qu’on attribuerait facilement au courageux Alexis Tsipras qui n’a pas démérité dans son combat face à l’EuroGroup et qui se bat aux côtés du peuple Grec depuis tant de mois dans un engagement désintéressé. N’empêche, la dernière déclaration de F. Hollande suscite l’admiration, une promesse à tenir.

F Hollande nouvel homme fort de l'Europe

Interférence dans le dossier Grec avec véhémence sur la question de la dette, met tout en œuvre pour que la Grèce reste dans l’Euro, aide la Grèce dans la rédaction de son nouveau programme avec mise à disposition d’une équipe d’experts français, etc. Et Die Welt d’écrire (google traduction): «(…) la France peut sortir de l’ombre de l’Allemagne et prétendre être à juste…

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7 nouveaux titres de presse en ligne à découvrir d’urgence !

la bibliothèque, et veiller

La presse ne manque pas d’énergie… numérique ! Elle déborde d’imagination en créant des offres permettant des « expériences lecteurs » très ciblées. En voici un panorama, où tous les modèles économiques sont sollicités. …

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Deutsche Qualität, Italiano blues

Misteur Mercato

Une visite médicale avant-hier, une signature hier, une petite photo avec Laure Boulleau et un départ en Autriche dans la foulée, Kévin Trapp est bel et bien un joueur du Paris Saint-Germain. Pour environ 9 millions d’euros, le club de la capitale s’est offert l’un des meilleurs gardiens de Bundesliga pour aller chatouiller un Salvatore Sirigu contesté l’an passé.


Il n’est arrivé à Paris qu’avant-hier, tout en cheveux blonds, visage d’ange et abdos saillants, et visiblement la capitale l’a déjà adopté : Kévin Trapp est officiellement un joueur du Paris Saint-Germain. Libéré de l’emprise du Fair Play Financier, dont il a respecté les contraintes l’an passé jusqu’à se hisser dans le top 5 des clubs européens en terme de chiffres d’affaires, le club de la capitale a enfin pu lancer son mercato par un chantier pas forcément prioritaire mais pas pour autant à négliger : les cages. Car les…

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Iker Casillas in tears as he bids farewell to Real Madrid


Spanish and Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas broke down in tears yesterday Sunday July 12th as he said goodbye to Real Madrid fans during a farewell press conference. After 25 years at Real Madrid (he joined Real’s youth academy in 1990), the 35 year old is moving to Porto

« After 25 years of defending the crest of the greatest team in the world, the most difficult day in my sports career has arrived: I have to say goodbye to an institution that’s given me everything. I have come to this great stadium today to say goodbye to all of you. As of Saturday I’m no longer a Real Madrid player, now I’ll be a Porto player. I am moving to Porto for many reasons. »

‘Firstly I am joining Porto because of the excitement that the coach has transmitted to me. Secondly, because of their affection, they have won me over…

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Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinsteiger officially sign for Manchester United

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Morgan-Bastian-MUFC25-year old Morgan Schneiderlin and 30-year old Bastian Schweinsteiger have both officially signed for the Red Devils today, with Schneiderlin signing a four-year contract with one optional year of extension, while Schweinsteiger has a three-year contract granted. Schneiderlin’s deal is around £25M from Southampton, while Schweinsteiger’s deal was done at around £12M.

Schneiderlin’s reaction after signing:

I am delighted to be a Manchester United player. Once I learned that United were interested in signing me, it was a very easy decision to make. I have enjoyed seven very happy years with Southampton and it’s a club that will always be in my heart. But the chance to be part of this squad to help this great club be successful was too good to miss.

« I’m excited to be starting that journey on our trip to the USA. I know what Manchester United means to fans all over the…

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The future of ISIS

The more accurate guide to the future

I was going to write about the future of intelligence but I just saw a nice graphic by The Economist on the spread of ISIS:

so I’ll write about them instead.

The main Economist article is http://www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21656690-islamic-state-making-itself-felt-ever-more-countries-how-much-influence

I won’t summarize their article about the current state of affairs; read it yourself. I can add a few comments to highlight the future though.

Surveys on Muslim attitudes to violence consistently show that most Muslims reject violence done in the name of Islam: 65-75%. That is the numeric range that describes the reality of ‘the vast overwhelming majority of peace-loving Muslims’ we see emphasized by politicians and media whenever an Islamic terrorist act occurs, two thirds to three quarters according to when and where the surveys have been done. The last high quality survey in the UK arrived at the figure 68%, comfortably in that range. The other side of the same statistics is that 32% of British…

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What to Expect From JPMorgan Earnings

24/7 Wall St.

jpm morgan logoJPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is scheduled to report its second-quarter financial results before the markets open on Tuesday. The consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters call for $1.44 in earnings per share (EPS) on $24.53 billion in revenue. In the same period of the previous year, the big bank posted EPS of $1.46 and revenue of $25.35 billion.

The company beat estimates last quarter, with numbers roughly equal to the consensus estimates for the second quarter. The stock price rose nearly 12% in the second quarter, the best of any of the big banks. The bank is still shrinking somewhat, but first-quarter results were able to overcome the decline by taking advantage of the volatility in the markets caused by macro events. If JPMorgan can control its expenses, it should have another decent quarter. The bank’s forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is 10.22 and the price-to-book ratio is 1.16.

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Right Sector and Wrong Directions in Ukraine

In Moscow's Shadows

MukachevoThe unfolding story of Mukachevo (Mukacheve) is in many ways both a tragic consequence for Ukraine’s recent trajectory and also grounds for potential optimism.

The tragedy is that while post-Maidan Ukraine was never the neo-fascist construct believed of Pervy Kanal TV (and a note to the trolls: don’t conflate the Maidan with the Poroshenko regime; the one toppled Yanukovych, the other was subsequently elected), there is no escaping the crucial role played by various ultra-nationalists that, yes, did include fascists. Subsequently, in the name of responding to the Russian-orchestrated rebellion in the Donbas, and also because it did not dare challenge this fraction given its lack of connection with its own security forces, the government granted them considerable autonomy and has continued to do so.

This is an understandable, classic but dangerous move: militias breed warlordism, and there’s quite enough of that already within the Ukrainian system, but usually more…

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