Day 181- Initial thoughts on Apple Music and Beats 1

Stew'ing over it

So its been a few days since the much-anticipated release of both Apple Music and Beats 1. Apples attempt to get in on the lucrative music streaming business and also to once again play their hand as the worlds best music library. Although most of the fuss was made about beats 1 and the array of talent that they had succoured in order to create a new music radio station that is always on and amiable everywhere. Appel music was also interesting as it gave access for a fee after a 3 month trial of the apple music library as well as a great set of music playlist created by some industry experts and apples music boffins and the genius software.

For me Beats 1 wasn’t as impressive as it made out the initial launch with Zane Lowe happened with a lot of Hiccups and didn’t have anything special to it…

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