Nintendo Talks About Mobile Game Strategy, Mainly Going To Be Free-To-Play

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined the company’s strategy when it comes down to the mobile titles they will be releasing later this year. The actual quote is rather big, so thankfully Nirolak from NeoGAF bullet pointed the main extracts that you need to know. From the sounds of it they are looking to mainly build free-to-start games which are essentially free-to-play games. The reason why they have adopted this model is because they feel that paid games don’t do as well as free-to-play, which is true. Anyway, here’s what Iwata had to say.

  • They’re not ruling out paid apps, but they sound vastly more interested in f2p apps (which they prefer to call « free-to-start ») because paid apps don’t do very well on mobile and sell for a very small prices.
  • Their monetization strategy for f2p games appears to be aiming for a high monetization rate (as in the percentage of…

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