Feliz aniversário, Brasília!

Joyeux anniversaire à la capitale du Brésil qui est bien Brasilia et non São Paulo ou Rio de Janeiro ! Feliz aniversario !
Happy birthday to the Brazilian capital which is Brasilia and not São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro ! Feliz aniversario !

My 365 to 30



I hope you reader from abroad know that the capital of Brazil is not Buenos Aires, neither Rio de Janeiro… but Brasília! Right in the heart of the country, in the very middle, a capital was built literally from scratch 55 years ago. Today home of the 3 powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) and center of all the Ministries and highest political institutions, it is funny to know you live in a city where almost no grandma or grandpa was born in. Most of the inhabitants come from elsewhere, be it from other national cities (and came to work in the many public institutions) or from abroad (since all the Embassies are based in the capital). Unlike any other city in Brazil  – really unlike!  -, it has many empy spaces, a lot of designed architecture, planned strees (with no names, but letters and numbers, like Manhattan) and a mix of people that…

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Galapagos Days 4 & 5 – Santa Cruz

Superbes photos à voir et article à lire.
Amazing pictures and great post to read.

MileHighDuo Meets the World

Santa Cruz is one of the two islands in the Galapagos that has flights to the mainland, so it gets quite a few tourists. Still, its most populated town of Puerto Ayora is small and quaint. Before we explored the town, we had a day full of activities. We started our morning very early, looking for sea turtles in a cool-sounding place called Black Turtle Cove. I was surprised to find that the sea turtles were even harder to spot than the penguins the day before. I didn’t really get any good photographs of them, but we enjoyed seeking them out and checking out the other life in the water – mangrove trees, a group of golden rays and a Spotted Eagle Ray!

Next up was Dragon’s Hill, where we snorkeled and hiked. This was my favorite hike on the Galapagos.   We saw so many varied plants and animals in…

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Chile Calls Red Alert and Evacuating after Massive Eruption from Calbuco Volcano (Videos)

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile has erupted twice in the space of a few hours. The authorities of Southern Chili have declared a red alert and more than 4,000 people within a 20km (12 mile) radius are being evacuated, following the massive eruption of the Calbuco volcano – its first in over 42 years.

Thick clouds of ash and smoke shot up several kilometers into the sky. The volcano is located near the tourist location of Puerto Varas, about 1,000 km (625 miles) south of the nation’s capital Santiago.

Eruption of Chilean Calbuco volcano

Footage from the area shows a huge column of lava and ash being sent several kilometres into the air.

The Calbuco volcano is one of the most active in Chile, but its eruption took officials in the area by surprise.

Alejandro Verges, an emergency director for the region, said Calbuco had not been under any special form of observation.

 The eruption took the authorities…

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The End of EXO is Near: Tao’s Father leaves a letter on weibo to remove Tao from EXO


Exo disappearing

BREAKING NEWS: Tao is leaving EXO and guess who is forcing him out? His father. Now there have been rumors  going around for the past few months about Tao leaving and unfortunately it‘s true. At this point, EXO cannot lose any more members.

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Arab Idol: More than Music

Voici « Arab Idol » la version arabe de « La nouvelle star » ou « American Idol » par exemple. La musique n’a pas de frontières et c’est génial de pouvoir découvrir d’autres cultures même si on ne comprend pas tout.
Here is ‘Arab Idol’ the Arab version of ‘American Idol’ for example. Music hasn’t bounds and it’s great to discover other cultures even we don’t know all well.

Across Cultures

The world is fascinated with music. It’s one thing that gives everyone the capacity to express their stories and emotions. It is through this shared connection to music that singing competition shows have risen to such great popularity. We watch contestants on these shows that inspire and entertain us, and by voting, we are able to play a small role in their successes as musicians.

For many years, American Idol was the most popular show of its genre in the United States, becoming a pop culture phenomenon and launching the careers of many artists who are still relevant today. Although American Idol has since waned in popularity to other shows of its style in recent seasons, its Arabic equivalent, Arab Idol, remains an extremely popular source of musical entertainment in the Middle East. International Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat stated that last year’s Arab Idol finale, during which Palestinian Mohammed Assaf was…

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Shake It Off // All About That Bass Mashup (Taylor Swift + Meghan Trainor) = All About That SHAKE

Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Paxton to Star in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Drama


« Grand Theft Auto », the movie!

London — Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton are to star in TV movie “Game Changer,” which tells the story of the guys behind the videogame “Grand Theft Auto” and those who sought to muzzle it.

The BBC has greenlit the 90-minute drama, which focuses on a bunch of British gaming geniuses centered around Sam Houser (Radcliffe).

Directed by Owen Harris and written by James Wood


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Sandra Bullock named « World’s most beautiful woman »

Elle a raison ça fait plaisir mais c’est un peu ridicule car c’est un avis subjectif ça ne veut rien dire en soit. Tout le monde il est beau tout le monde il est gentil alors haha.
She’s right it’s nice but it’s a bit ridiculous because it’s a subjective judgment that doesn’t mean anything either. Otherwise everyone is beautiful everyone is nice then haha.


She’s totally right!

Sandra Bullock has been named the “World’s Most Beautiful” woman for 2015, and she thinks it’s “ridiculous.” The Oscar winner said she laughed when she heard the news from People, the publication that releases the annual ranking of pretty public faces. “No, really. I just said, ‘That’s ridiculous,’” the 50-year-old actress said in an interview with the magazine. See Photos: 40 Actresses Over 40 Who Are Still Conquering Hollywood “Real beauty is quiet. Especially in this town, it’s just so hard not to say, ‘Oh, I need to look like that,’” she said. “No, be a good person, »


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New photos « Time 100 Gala »

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 1-0. All highlights. Champions League. Quarterfinal. Second leg.



Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid (1-0) retour (2nd leg), but de Javier Hernandez « Chicharito » (goal from Javier Hernandez ‘Chicharito’). Real Madrid qualifié (qualified).

Monaco – Juventus 0-0. All highlights. UEFA Champions League. Quarterfinal. Second leg.


As Monaco – Juventus Turin (0-0) retour (2nd leg). Juventus Turin qualifiée (go through) avec victoire à l’aller 1-0 à Turin (with 1-0 win in 1st leg in Turin).

Gallipoli 18: Keith Murdoch And The Great Witch-Hunt

ANZAC history

First World War Hidden History

Keith Murdoch 1915Popular wisdom and official histories would have us believe that Sir Ian Hamilton’s career and the Dardanelles offensive were brought to an end by an unknown junior Australian journalist, Keith Murdoch. [1] In Australia, his role has been given iconic status amongst the myths surrounding Gallipoli, but as we have detailed in the previous blog, the decision to remove Hamilton had already been taken on the recommendation of Maurice Hankey, aided and abetted by Major Guy Dawnay. The intervention of Keith Murdoch did play a vitally important role in that it deflected attention away from Hankey and the Secret Elite, making it appear that the truth about the Gallipoli disaster was suddenly exposed by a tenacious journalist. As Alan Moorehead observed in his masterly history, Murdoch’s ‘entry into the explosive scene is one of the oddest incidents in the Gallipoli campaign.’ [2]

So who was Keith Murdoch and how was…

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My Kitchen Rules: Episode 41 Recap

C’est un peu le « Dîner presque parfait » ou « Top chef » australien.
« My Kitchen Rules » is an Australian TV cooking show.

The Wellness Blogger Who Convinced Millions Her Diet Cured Her Brain Cancer Apparently Never Had Cancer In The First Place

Incroyable histoire !
Incredible story !

Instagram Take Battering in Sydney Storm

John ‘Shoes’ Moshoeu Passes Away: Mzansi Soccer Legend Succumbs to Cancer After A Lengthy Battle

Triste. RIP John Moshoeu, je me souviens de lui en tant que joueur avec les Bafana Bafana d’Afrique du Sud et les Kaizer Chiefs notamment.
Sad. RIP John Moshoeu, i remember him as a football (soccer) player with South-African Bafana Bafanas and Kaizer Chiefs club in particular.

Everybody knows about John’s ponytail problem – a selection of world headlines.

Scandale de »la queue de cheval » (accusé d’avoir tiré les cheveux d’une serveuse par jeu ou blague dans un café) pour le Premier Ministre John Key en Nouvelle-Zélande.
Ponytail gate for Prime Minister John Key in New Zealand.


When Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog pressed ‘enter’ on his exclusive « The Prime Minister and the Waitress » this morning he may not have predicted where it would end up: all over the world.

In less than 24 hours it has become the world’s top trending topic, with the antics of our PM now top news on the British paper The Guardian.

So, without further banter, here is a just a taste of what the world is waking up to:

The Guardian newspaper, UK – most read story on The Guardian worldwide.

FOX News, USA – America’s top conservative network.

One of the world’s most respected broadcasters, the BBC: Currently the second most read story in the world.

Across the ditch – Sydney Morning Herald. Currently Australia’s leading story.

The news Canadians are waking up to:

ABC News, Australia.

UPDATED: 9.30pm-10.00pm

Daily Mail, UK


The Independent, UK.

The Telegraph…

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Body Image and Why Jamelia is wrong

Elle a tort à mon avis. Tout le monde a le droit d’être traité équitablement. Il y a d’autre façons que ça pour lutter contre l’obésité au Royaume-Uni.
I think she’s wrong, everyone have to be treated equally. There are other ways to fight against obesity in the UK.

Grant Shapps accuses Wikipedia of being gamed by the Labour party

Edinburgh Eye

As Johann Hari found out to his cost, you can game Wikipedia for a long time, but in the end, if you violate their editorial process, they are remorselessly thorough in tracking you down.

Wikipedia allows almost anyone to edit pages about almost anything. But, to avoid conflicts of interest, you may not amend your own information, with the exception of very basic biographical detail (for example, if Wikipedia has your date of birth wrong).

Michael Green MPIn 2012, Wikipedia discovered that four usernames –,, Historyset and one that’s surfaced again recently, Hackneymarsh – had been linked to « computers in the constituency office of the Tory chairman ».

These four usernames had edited Wikipedia to amend certain references to Grant Shapps and his online alter egos Michael Green MP and Sebastian Fox:

references were deleted about his role in a 2007 byelection in west London where he impersonated Liberal Democrats…

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Tory MP Grant Shapps accused of creating fake online identity to edit his own Wikipedia page

Oh dear, how could you imagine that.

Milifandom vs Cameronettes: The weird side of political Twitter

Have I Got News For Youth

Written by Luna Webster

What do you expect to see leading the headlines a fortnight before the general election? Maybe some political scandal or poll predictions, perhaps hopeful MPs visiting hospitals or schools or local businesses. Well, how about hundreds and thousands of teenage girls proclaiming their love for party leaders – in particular, Ed Miliband.

The so called « Milifandom » was started by a Labour Party member called Abby (twcuddleston on twitter). Initially the campaign was to be used to turn Miliband’s media coverage into something a little more positive by posting photos of the opposition leader looking powerful and competent, but it didn’t take too long for Ed to become the political version of Harry Styles.

The Milifandom hashtag is dominating Twitter and even provoked the creation of an opposing fandom; the « Cameronettes ». However, for some reason, Cameron hasn’t quite reached the levels of support Miliband has within…

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