How to start a country?


Something fantastic happened on the 20th of April 2015 – A Czech politician named Vit Jedlička announced his new country – Liberland. Yes, a country. That he founded. And he is the president.

Seems bogus at first, but it is as real as any other sovereign nation. It falls in the border regions of Croatia and Serbia and is somewhat of a no-man’s-land. Neither Croatia nor Serbia wants any part of this 7 sq. km. of lush river-side and resort-like piece of terra firma. Since occupying it and proclaiming it one’s own didn’t impinge on any country’s sovereignty, Jedlička did it! On the country’s official website, he gives some basic information – the one that caught my attention was that Liberland is planned to work as a constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy.

How did Jedlička arrive at this? Why did he choose a constitutional republic over constitutional…

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