Arab Idol: More than Music

Voici « Arab Idol » la version arabe de « La nouvelle star » ou « American Idol » par exemple. La musique n’a pas de frontières et c’est génial de pouvoir découvrir d’autres cultures même si on ne comprend pas tout.
Here is ‘Arab Idol’ the Arab version of ‘American Idol’ for example. Music hasn’t bounds and it’s great to discover other cultures even we don’t know all well.

Across Cultures

The world is fascinated with music. It’s one thing that gives everyone the capacity to express their stories and emotions. It is through this shared connection to music that singing competition shows have risen to such great popularity. We watch contestants on these shows that inspire and entertain us, and by voting, we are able to play a small role in their successes as musicians.

For many years, American Idol was the most popular show of its genre in the United States, becoming a pop culture phenomenon and launching the careers of many artists who are still relevant today. Although American Idol has since waned in popularity to other shows of its style in recent seasons, its Arabic equivalent, Arab Idol, remains an extremely popular source of musical entertainment in the Middle East. International Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat stated that last year’s Arab Idol finale, during which Palestinian Mohammed Assaf was…

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