Body Image and Why Jamelia is wrong

Elle a tort à mon avis. Tout le monde a le droit d’être traité équitablement. Il y a d’autre façons que ça pour lutter contre l’obésité au Royaume-Uni.
I think she’s wrong, everyone have to be treated equally. There are other ways to fight against obesity in the UK.

Grant Shapps accuses Wikipedia of being gamed by the Labour party

Edinburgh Eye

As Johann Hari found out to his cost, you can game Wikipedia for a long time, but in the end, if you violate their editorial process, they are remorselessly thorough in tracking you down.

Wikipedia allows almost anyone to edit pages about almost anything. But, to avoid conflicts of interest, you may not amend your own information, with the exception of very basic biographical detail (for example, if Wikipedia has your date of birth wrong).

Michael Green MPIn 2012, Wikipedia discovered that four usernames –,, Historyset and one that’s surfaced again recently, Hackneymarsh – had been linked to « computers in the constituency office of the Tory chairman ».

These four usernames had edited Wikipedia to amend certain references to Grant Shapps and his online alter egos Michael Green MP and Sebastian Fox:

references were deleted about his role in a 2007 byelection in west London where he impersonated Liberal Democrats…

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Tory MP Grant Shapps accused of creating fake online identity to edit his own Wikipedia page

Oh dear, how could you imagine that.

Milifandom vs Cameronettes: The weird side of political Twitter

Have I Got News For Youth

Written by Luna Webster

What do you expect to see leading the headlines a fortnight before the general election? Maybe some political scandal or poll predictions, perhaps hopeful MPs visiting hospitals or schools or local businesses. Well, how about hundreds and thousands of teenage girls proclaiming their love for party leaders – in particular, Ed Miliband.

The so called « Milifandom » was started by a Labour Party member called Abby (twcuddleston on twitter). Initially the campaign was to be used to turn Miliband’s media coverage into something a little more positive by posting photos of the opposition leader looking powerful and competent, but it didn’t take too long for Ed to become the political version of Harry Styles.

The Milifandom hashtag is dominating Twitter and even provoked the creation of an opposing fandom; the « Cameronettes ». However, for some reason, Cameron hasn’t quite reached the levels of support Miliband has within…

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Shawn Mendes’ album ‘Handwritten’ debuts at No. 1

A découvrir. Shawn Mendes 16 ans seulement et déjà numéro 1 au Billboard hot 200.
Shawn Mendes, only 16 and his album is N°1 at Billboard hot 200.

PHOTOS: UNLV Football Spring Game

LV Sports Press

The Scarlet and Grey and their new head football coach Tony Sanchez showcased their off season work Saturday at UNLV soccer fields near Flamingo and Swenson. Here are some photos from their scrimmage.

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Tomorrowland Gets A New Trailer

Nouveau trailer du prochain Disney « Tomorrowland » avec George Clooney en tête d’affiche qui sort le 22 mai prochain.
Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ new trailer starring George Clooney out May 22.

The Film Viking

« You wanted to see Tomorrowland. Here it comes, » teases George Clooney’s character in the newest trailer for Disney’s and Brad Bird’s new movie, Tomorrowland.  This trailer shows off a lot more of the action you can expect from from the movie than the last 2 trailers. You can go see the movie on May 22.

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Trailer: The Little Prince

Le trailer du film Le Petit Prince en français qui sort le 7 octobre 2015.

La La Film

Don’t worry, you haven’t gone mad or entered some kind of Scrubs like fantasy world where everything sounds French. It is French, because it’s a French animated movie, and you don’t need to understand a word spoken to appreciate the beauty of French cinema.

The Little Prince is the story of a pilot who crashes and forms an unlikely friendship with a little boy. It’s a colourful and charming tale that will hook you on alluring European language and awesome visuals. The Little Prince is released later this year.

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Les sorties cinéma de la semaine : AVENGERS 2 et ENTRE AMIS

L'œil critique de Sonia

Super-héros au meilleur de leurs formes (ou pas…) et humour à la française. Tel est le programme de la sélection ciné de la semaine :

161927Hulk, Arrow, Thor, Captain America et Iron Man sont de retour, pour ce second volet de la saga Avengers. Dans Avengers : l’ère d’Ultron, on fait connaissance avec Ultron, une sorte de vilain Iron Man et créé par… Tony Stark himself (Iron Man, donc)…

Qui est bon ? Qui est méchant ? Là est la question.

Synopsis :  Alors que Tony Stark tente de relancer un programme de maintien de la paix jusque-là suspendu, les choses tournent mal et les super-héros Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow et Hawkeye vont devoir à nouveau unir leurs forces pour combattre le plus puissant de leurs adversaires : le terrible Ultron, un être technologique terrifiant qui s’est juré d’éradiquer l’espèce humaine.
Afin d’empêcher celui-ci…

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Cinéma – Good Kill « cible verrouillée » – Film

« Good Kill » d’Andrew Niccol avec Ethan Hawke.


Good Kill, réalisé par Andrew Niccol.

Date de sortie : 22-04-2015

Acteurs : Ethan Hawke, Bruce Greenwood, Zoë Kravitz, Jake Abel, January Jones.

Le Commandant Tommy Egan, pilote de chasse reconverti en pilote de drone, combat douze heures par jour les Talibans derrière sa télécommande, depuis sa base, à Las Vegas. De retour chez lui, il passe l’autre moitié de la journée à se quereller avec sa femme, Molly et ses enfants. Tommy remet cependant sa mission en question. Ne serait-il pas en train de générer davantage de terroristes qu’il n’en extermine ? L’histoire d’un soldat, une épopée lourde de conséquences.

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Cinéma – Entre amis – Film

Ca a l’air très sympa aussi côté film français cette semaine.


Réalisé par Olivier Baroux

Sortie le 22-04-2015

avec : Gérard Jugnot, Daniel Auteuil, François berléand……

Richard, Gilles et Philippe sont amis depuis près de cinquante ans. Le temps d’un été, ils embarquent avec leurs compagnes sur un magnifique voilier pour une croisière vers la Corse. Mais la cohabitation à bord d’un bateau n’est pas toujours facile. D’autant que chaque couple a ses problèmes, et que la météo leur réserve de grosses surprises… Entre rires et confessions, griefs et jalousies vont remonter à la surface. Chacun va devoir faire le point sur sa vie et sur ses relations aux autres. L’amitié résistera-t-elle au gros temps ?

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Sortie Cinéma : « Avengers 2, l’ère d’Ultron » de Joss Whedon – Bande-Annonce et Extrait

Cest Contagieux!

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-movie Avengers 2 – L’Ere d’Ultron – Joss Whedon

Avengers 2 - L'Ere d'Ultron - Joss Whedon Avengers 2 – L’Ere d’Ultron – Joss Whedon

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Disney Movie Slate 2015 – 2019

Le programme complet et chargé des prochains films Disney sur la période 2015 à 2019.
Complete and heavy schedule about next Disney movies from 2015 to 2019 period.

Constant Collectible

During the announcement at CinemaCon ’15 which is happening now in Las Vegas Disney took the stage to announce their upcoming movie slate through 2017, but with previous announcements we have a list of films set to be released through 2019.  Now that Disney Animation, DreamWorks, Marvel, Pixar and LucasArts are all under the same roof it is amazing to see this impressive slate of movies distributed from one company.

The movie slate will begin with the cinematic release of Marvels-Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – 5/1/15
  • Tomorrowland – 5/22/15
  • Inside Out – 6/19/15
  • Ant-Man – 7/17/15
  • Bridge of Spies – 10/16/15
  • The Good Dinosaur – 11/25/15
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 12/18/15
  • The Finest Hours – 1/29/16
  • Zootopia – 3/4/16
  • The Jungle Book – 4/15/16
  • Captain America: Civil War – 5/6/16
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass – 5/27/16
  • Finding Dory – 6/17/16
  • The BFG – 7/1/16
  • Pete’s…

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Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out Of Age Of Ultron Interview!

The Film Monster

The interview started out pleasently enough as Downey talked about The Avengers: Age of Ultron when the interviewer suddenly wanted to divulge into Downey’s past with drugs and alcohol, something he has far distanced himself from.  I don’t blame RDJ one bit, you can clearly see he’s starting to get really pissed, and this interviewer was being a twat by bringing up something Downey has talked about before in the past and has worked very hard to completely pull away from that bad boy persona he used to carry.

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When seasons collide

Eloquent Images by Gary Hart

Gary Hart Photography: Spring Snow, El Capitan, YosemiteSpring Snow, El Capitan, Yosemite
Sony a7R
Sony/Zeiss 24-70
1/8 second
ISO 100

Ever notice how the best photography happens at nature’s boundaries, the interface separating disparate elements? Sometimes it’s visual elements, like the collision of surf and shore or the intersection of shadow and light. But often we’re moved by images that capture the transition of our experience of the world, such as the color and light that happens when we shift between night and day, or distinctive elements of two seasons together in one frame.

Sunrises and sunsets are a daily occurrence, but the opportunity to capture snow and autumn leaves, or snow and spring flowers, comes just once a year. And until last week, with Yosemite’s waterfalls approaching a summer trickle, and the spring dogwood bloom at least a month early, prospects for the elusive snow with dogwood opportunity didn’t look good.

Storm brewing

Despite Yosemite Valley’s snowless winter, the optimist in me steadfastly monitored an incoming storm, openly defying my internal pessimist that knew the promise of…

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BREAKING: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Considering Fuller House!

Le retour des jumelles Olsen pour le spin-off de la série « La fête à la maison » peut-être.
Possible return of Olsen twins for ‘Full House’ reboot.

Report: Rajon Rondo Will Spurn Mavs For Lakers If Rick Carlisle Remains In Dallas

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao 2015 Championship Belt Revealed [Video] #‎PhatGyrlSnoop‬®

Joli / Nice one



photo via Youtube


Mayweather Vs Pacquiao 2015 Championship Belt Revealed [Video]

And guess what??! It’s worth $1,000,000!!! Let’s jump into these pricey championship deets shall we??!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice:

Yep my Snoopas®, here lies the $1 million emerald-studded WBC championship belt that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio will be fighting for on May 2nd. The WBC commissioned the belt when the fight was announced and decorated it with 3,000 real miniature emeralds.

What a beauty right???!

The belt was showcased in Mexico at a WBC event and will be making its way to Vegas sometime this week.

Wonder if Floyd would be able to read the inscription on his big night tho???! <—-just my PhatGyrlSnoop® 2 cents!

Peep out the belt reveal below:

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Kylie Jenner Responds To Fans’ Outrageous ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ Results

Quelle idée de faire ce genre de chose aussi.
What a silly idea to do this kind of thing i think.

Addicted to E

Popsugar Image Popsugar Image

Kylie Jenner has caused a media frenzy over her looks, with extreme focus on her lips. There’s only one question on everyone’s mind: « What has Kylie done to her lips? » While many speculate the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan resorted to plastic surgery to get fuller looking lips, Kylie swears the power of great lip liner and an extreme makeup regime did the trick.

Kylie’s lips have generated so much discussion, fans decided to create a challenge in hopes of making their lips plumper the fast and easy way. Known as the #KylieJennerChallenge, young girls and boys around the world have begun to use objects like shot glasses, beverage bottles, pill bottles, and more to create suction around their lips. Unfortunately, the challenge left a lot of fans with swollen lips and a rash ring around their mouths. One fan even managed to cut his lip open after performing the…

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