Oarai Isosaki Jinja – Pacific Ocean

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The great shrine of Oarai, the Isosaki Jinja start on a hill but goes all way down into the ocean, with the final piece of the shrine being the tori standing on a rock in the ocean. The torii survived the earthquake and tsunami perfectly and is as superbly photogenic as always. I googled images of it and found my own meagre snapshots amazingly lacking in doing it justice. Well, I will get more chances I hope! I love this particular piece of the coast, the Pacific Ocean is pretty powerful here and although it might now look too much on the surface the water is full of currents making swimming and surfing too hazardous to attempt. So most people come here to enjoy just looking at the ocean, or going for a swim in some of the more sheltered coves and harbors that can be found here and there…

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Words Without Music – Philip Glass


A Memoir

By Philip Glass

Illustrated. 416 pages. Liveright Publishing. $29.95

A world-renowned composer of symphonies, operas, and film scores, Philip Glass has, almost single-handedly, crafted the dominant sound of late-twentieth-century classical music. Yet here in Words Without Music, he creates an entirely new and unexpected voice, that of a born storyteller and an acutely insightful chronicler, whose behind-the-scenes recollections allow readers to experience those moments of creative fusion when life so magically merged with art.

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La chanson du jour (477)


Tout va très bien Madame la Marquise de Ray Ventura.

Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise,
Tout va très bien, tout va très bien.
Pourtant, il faut, il faut que l’on vous dise,
On déplore un tout petit rien :
Un incident, une bêtise,
La mort de votre jument grise,
Mais, à part ça, Madame la Marquise
Tout va très bien, tout va très bien.

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