Oarai Isosaki Jinja – Pacific Ocean

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The great shrine of Oarai, the Isosaki Jinja start on a hill but goes all way down into the ocean, with the final piece of the shrine being the tori standing on a rock in the ocean. The torii survived the earthquake and tsunami perfectly and is as superbly photogenic as always. I googled images of it and found my own meagre snapshots amazingly lacking in doing it justice. Well, I will get more chances I hope! I love this particular piece of the coast, the Pacific Ocean is pretty powerful here and although it might now look too much on the surface the water is full of currents making swimming and surfing too hazardous to attempt. So most people come here to enjoy just looking at the ocean, or going for a swim in some of the more sheltered coves and harbors that can be found here and there…

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Words Without Music – Philip Glass


A Memoir

By Philip Glass

Illustrated. 416 pages. Liveright Publishing. $29.95

A world-renowned composer of symphonies, operas, and film scores, Philip Glass has, almost single-handedly, crafted the dominant sound of late-twentieth-century classical music. Yet here in Words Without Music, he creates an entirely new and unexpected voice, that of a born storyteller and an acutely insightful chronicler, whose behind-the-scenes recollections allow readers to experience those moments of creative fusion when life so magically merged with art.

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Les 44 enfants d’Izieu, לזכר …

Extimités (politiques)...

Ce 06 avril 2015 dans l’Ain (Rhône), le Président de la république honorela mémoire des 44 Enfants d’Izieu, victimes des nazis. C’était le 06-avril-44


« Le monde ne sera pas détruit par ceux qui font le mal mais par ceux qui les regardent sans rien faire ».Einstein, cité par François Hollande.



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Ronde van Vlaanderen review: Kristoff powers to glory


Alexander Kristoff summoned the strength of a Norse God to record victory at the Ronde van Vlaanderen, towing breakaway companion Niki Tepstra to the final kilometre before outsprinting him in the dying metres. It was a brilliant end to a manic race, which at times looked more like a Wacky Races reconstruction than a prestigious one-day classic.

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Videos from the 2015 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

ProWomen's Cycling

Round 3 of the 2015 women’s Road World Cup is one of the most famous races in cycling, the Ronde van Vlaanderen, aka the Tour of Flanders.  It’s not shown live, but here are the videos we have of it so far – and as always I’ll edit in all the photos, videos and blogs I find.

Sporza’s post-race video, and Jolien D’hoore in the Sporza studio afterwards and the UCI highlights:


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One of America’s Favorites – French Dip

My Meals are on Wheels

A French dip A French dip

An American cuisine, the French dip sandwich, also known as a beef dip, is a hot sandwich consisting of thinly sliced roast beef (or, sometimes, other meats) on a « French roll » or baguette. It is usually served au jus (« with juice »), that is, with beef juice from the cooking process. Beef broth or beef consommé is sometimes substituted. Despite the name, this American specialty is almost completely unknown in France, the name seeming to refer to the style of bread rather than an alleged French origin.

Although the sandwich is most commonly served with a cup of jus or broth on the side of the plate, into which the sandwich is dipped as it is eaten, this is not how the sandwich was served when it was invented.

Two Los Angeles restaurants have claimed to be the birthplace of the French dip sandwich: Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet…

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Trucs Express ► 5 trucs pour enlever les pesticides sur les fruits et légumes

Nuage Ciel d'Azur


. Entre 75% et 80% des résidus de pesticides sur les aliments seront éliminés en les lavant à l’eau froide.

Utilisez des savon biologique et biodégradable.

est un bon moyen de se débarrasser des pesticides. Le vinaigre pourrait endommager les fruits à peau mince comme les petits fruits des champs.

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Happy Easter Chocoholics!

Poco Dolce dark chocolate tiles Poco Dolce dark chocolate tiles

Lots of chocolate is sold for Easter: Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, solid and hollow chocolate eggs, and more.

« Americans spend an average of $2 billion on Halloween candy, $1.9 billion on Easter candy, $1.4 billion on Christmas candy and $1 billion on Valentine’s Day candy. » (Universe)

The day before Valentine's Day the line went down the block at Ginger Elizabeth chocolate shop. The day before Valentine’s Day the line went down the block at Ginger Elizabeth chocolate shop.

Since I moved to midtown Sacramento I have a birds eye view of the popularity of chocolate. Some of the finest and most popular chocolate is from Ginger Elizabeth. There is often a line for the hot chocolate or for a sweet treat.

At the cheese festival in Petaluma I discovered a San Francisco chocolatier, Poco Dolce. Today I am enjoying a couple of the bittersweet chocolate tiles: burnt caramel toffee and roasted almond. Yum.

Of course, as a followers…

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