Top 5 actresses under 25

Bon choix je suis d’accord mais non exhaustif bien sûr.
Good choice i agree but not exhaustive of course.


1940’s to the 1960s; the golden age of Hollywood cinema was epitomised by woman who were more than as sultry screen sirens, but also possessed titanic acting talent to make them forces to be reckoned with and thus far more important than mere background decoration for their male counter parts. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly were big enough stars in their own right and had the ability to light up dark theaters spectacularly with their verve, elegance and wit. However unfortunately subsequently after the golden age, a lack of strong female roles has meant that the magic of the Hollywood leading lady had been slightly dulled. But finally when you look now to the 2010’s, it looks like we’re entering another golden era of female acting talent, that seems to be blossoming younger and younger; whilst still being able to shine brighter and…

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