Valentine’s Day | Smokey with a Pop of Pink

Hey everyone! Valentine’s Day tutorials are ubiquitous at the moment, but in case you haven’t found something you fancy, the tutorial on this look is posted below!

PicMonkey Collage

But before I get to the video link, I wanted to bring up something else that I feel is important. Yes, we’re getting real for a sec.

I have to confess something to you. Valentine’s Day has always felt like a scam to me, whether it came while I was single or in a happily committed relationship. To me, it’s a very plastic holiday. It’s a day that, in my opinion, has the potential to send the dangerous message that as long as you’ve given or received something from a pre-determined, socially accepted list of gifts, your relationship must be golden even if it’s actually shit.

I’m not saying gifts shouldn’t be exchanged and that love shouldn’t be celebrated. But Valentine’s Day puts…

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