Fashion: 7 Steps to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Outfit

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Hot date for Valentine’s day but don’t know what to wear? You don’t have to pain yourself with a trip to the mall — your perfect Valentine’s Day outfit could be right in your closet…or your best friend’s!

As with all dates, we never know exactly where the night will end.  You all could start at a semi-fancy dinner and end up at a dive-bar drinking cheap beer.  Lord only knows. Here are a few steps to stay in control and make sure your « look » is always appropriate without completely damaging your budget.

1) Pick your staple garment.

As you are thinking about your night, which includes: the weather, your comfort levels, the atmosphere, etc., you should first choose the one piece of clothing, or the one accessory that you have been dying to wear. Whether it is that big chunky costume necklace, or those new jeans that make your butt…

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