Charlie Hebdo suspects killed in police raid

Why Evolution Is True

According to my CNN news feed:

The Kouachi brothers have been killed in an operation by security forces, the mayor of Othis, France, Bernard Corneille, told CNN. Police have said Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, were suspects in Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

And from the New York Times:

French police on Friday killed the two brothers suspected of murdering 12 people at a Paris newspaper on Wednesday and freed his hostage unharmed, the authorities said. The police launched a simultaneous raid on a kosher supermarket in Paris where an alleged associate of the brothers was holding an unnamed number of hostages. At least some of hostages escaped unharmed, according to the police.

Shortly after 5 p.m., explosions and gunfire were heard at a printing plant outside of Paris where the two brothers were holding a single hostage. The brothers were killed in the assault, police…

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French Police Kill Two Muzzies Who Carried Out Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hebdo and One of the Terrorists Who Attacked Kosher Deli

The Foxhole

At least 3 out of the 4 muzzie thugs that held Paris under siege have been sent to hell.

I like the fact that these these two shitbags were killed at a company that publishes print media.

One of the  muzzie cop killers (on the right) who was holed up in a Paris kosher supermarket just got taken out of the gene pool.

paris muzzies attack kosher deli

From Fox News.

Near-simultaneous raids by French police Friday evening at locations 25 miles apart took out the Islamist brothers behind Wednesday’s massacre at a Paris satirical magazine, and a cop-killing ally who had seized hostages at a Paris grocery, demanding police free his jihadist cronies.

The lightning-quick strikes ended two tense, hours-long standoffs, one at a printing plant north of the city and the other at a kosher supermarket on Paris’ east side. A hostage held by the brothers, who killed 12 in a commando-style attack…

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Purée j’y crois pas, Amedi Coulibaly le tireur de Montrouge et le preneur d’otage d’Hyper Casher porte de Vincennes vient de la « Grande Borne »(un quartier populaire) à Grigny  dans l’Essonne (91). J’ai l’impression qu’on vit un mauvais cauchemar.

Je ne suis pas de Grigny mais je ne suis pas très loin.


Recette n°2463: Echine de porc dauphinoise

Mémoire de marmite


6 Personnes

Temps de préparation
30 minutes
Temps de cuisson
1 heure, 30 minutes
Temps total
2 heures


1 kg échine de porc (sans os)
2 kg pommes de terre
3 gousses d’ail
200 g de fromage de Beaufort râpé
25 cl de bouillon (eau+cube)
25 cl de vin blanc sec
40 g  de beurre
sel et poivre


Allumer le four th 6 (180°).
Préparer le bouillon en le chauffant.
Emincer finement le porc.
Peler les pommes de terre. Les couper en rondelles de 3 mm d’épaisseur.
Peler et hacher l’ail.
Beurrer un plat à gratin. Y étaler une couche de pommes de terre.
Parsemer de fromage.
Disposer des lamelles de viande par dessus. Saler, poivrer. Parsemer d’ail.
Recommencer l’opération jusqu’à épuisement des ingrédients en terminant par pommes de terre puis fromage.
Verser vin blanc + bouillon.
Parsemer de noisettes de beurre.
Enfourner pour 1…

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Needing Courage

Source of Inspiration


It takes courage
to admit your helplessness
finally to let go
and ask for help.
Letting go of the illusion
of control
releasing pride
admitting to yourself and others
that you need
a power greater than yourself
to help and guide
deliver you from
a lifetime of torment
grant serenity
and teach you how to love

Yes, it takes great courage
and the gift of grace
from He who patiently
awaits your call.

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