2004 Tsunami, 10 Years Later

Très grosses pensées à toutes les personnes décédées, aux disparus et leurs familles et proches et bien évidemment aux secours, tous les gens qui ont aidé. 10 ans déjà comme le temps passe vite. Je m’en souviens comme si c’était hier.
Huge thoughts to all those who died, to the missing people, their families and relatives, and obviously for the rescue, all people who help. 10 years already how time flies. I remember like it was yesterday.

Adam Koniuszewski

tsunamiOn Sunday December 26, 2004, at 0h58, the worst earthquake in 40 years reached 9.3 on the Richter scale and caused the 10 meter wave of the « Boxing Day Tsunami ». The waters devastated the Indonesian province of Aceh, killing 170,000 there. Within 90 minutes they  reached the southern beaches of Thailand, killing another 5,000+. In all, some 230,000 people died.

Early Warning Signals 

systeme_dartIn 2004, there was no global monitoring and warning system that could identify the threat and alert populations of the tsunami trajectory and time of impact. Today, a global network of 60 nigh-tech buoys helps measure the size, direction and speed of tsunami waves. The time of impact and the size of the floods are predicted based on mathematical models and past experience.

Timely information is critical. In 2004, the Indian town of Madras was hit 2 hours after the quake but the authorities had not been…

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