Is the Climate change conference in Lima a let-down?

Mission Shunya

Lima’s call for Climate Action is finally here. UN’s climate change conference at the Peruvian capital of Lima was scheduled to close on Dec 12 but has seen a time overrun of 2 days and it seems President of the meeting was right in insisting that the delegates would not leave Lima with empty hands. An agreement was finally acknowledged by the participating countries after 2 extra days of negotiations and discussions.

So, why has COP 20 garnered more attention that the previous 19 have failed to do?

Lima Leaders

Why a successful COP 20 was important?

  • The global average temperatures are on the rise, 2014 has been the hottest year on record!
  • To have a draft agreement INDC( Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions) to be finalised in Paris when the next Confederation of Parties (COP) is scheduled. An international climate agreement has become a necessity if we are to achieve the 2°C limit…

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Moins chaud en novembre mais 2014 toujours en route pour un record


Après trois mois consécutifs qui avaient battu des records de chaleur au niveau mondial, les températures sont un peu moins élevées en novembre 2014 avec +0,65°C au dessus de la moyenne 1951-1980, selon les données de la NASA.

Anomalies de températures pour le mois de novembre 2014 (source : NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis ) Anomalies de températures pour le mois de novembre 2014 (source : NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis )

Ce mois de novembre se classe ainsi au 9è rang, le record étant détenu par novembre 2013 avec +0,75°C.  Il y a toujours une probabilité élevée pour que 2014 soit l’année la plus chaude depuis le début des relevés de la NASA, même s’il ne s’agirait que d’une annonce à portée symbolique.

2014 devrait terminer au moins parmi les trois années les plus chaudes, avec une moyenne semblable à celles de 2010 (+0,66°C) et 2005 (+0,65°C). Pour le moment, la moyenne janvier-novembre est de +0,67°C, donc en passe de battre le record mais un mois de décembre aussi froid que ceux…

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Best Dressed Celebrities This Week (Dec 5 – 11)

Best Dressed Celebrities This Week (Dec 5 – 11)

Best space pictures of 2014

It’s been a busy year for space exploration, with some big milestones reached. NASA successfully tested its new Orion spacecraft, which could one day take astronauts to Mars, while the European Space Agency made history when it landed a probe on a comet. Meanwhile astronauts are increasingly posting incredible shots from the International Space Station on social media giving us more insight into space than ever before. We’ve pulled together some of these stunning images in our lineup of the best space pictures of 2014.

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« L’Agence tous risques » que sont-ils devenus ? / What Happened To ‘The A-Team’ ?

They were the four-man crack commando unit who were sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit, before escaping and spending five seasons on NBC welding things together in barns while helping people.

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George Peppard, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T and Dwight Schultz played ‘The A-Team’ (« L’Agence tous risques » in French) between 1983 and 1987, helping the show – despite objections over its cartoon violence and lack of female characters – to become a huge global hit.

But what happened next..?