orange and black done well

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What better time than Halloween to take a look at black and orange interiors that work year round, not just as a temporary festive schemes?

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What makes these spaces work? A large part is tonal colour selection. Above, for example, the black is very much tempered by a variety of greys and lots of textures. The monochromatic look is enlivened by the orange and warm metal tones.

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Here again, texture and tonal variation play an important role. If the wall were a pure black, flat finish, the end result would not be as appealing.

@meccinteriors | design bites via

The colours can still be rich and saturated. Using patterns and/or graphics is a great way to lessen the strength of a particular colour. In this case, black is tempered through the introduction of lots of white in the drapery, the accent cushions, and the area rug.

Happy Halloween!

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