« Arigato » used to be « rare »

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« Arigato » can be the most famous Japanese words.

Some say « Arigato gozaimasu », the more polite way.

But do you know this word used to have a different meaning?

When something rare, impossible happened, ancient people in Japan believed the power of Gods made this happened, and they would say this message to them;


« Arigatai koto desu.  Orei wo moushi age masu. »

「有難い」 consists of 有る(Aru = exist) + 難い(Katai = difficult)  makes « rare/impossible to happen »

「お礼を申し上げます」 means « Thank you very much », or more polite way of saying that.

So, this message means « That was rare to happen. Thank  you very much. »

As time passed, somehow the second phrase was dismissed, and people just said « Arigatai koto desu« , deriving the meaning the abandoned phrase once hold.

Later, it was abbreviated and here comes « Arigato« .

As it was a word for the Gods, it must…

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Video Uploads! #3 27th August

EmiruTheKnight's Blog

Hello! Another day with new uploads. This time we continue Xillia 2, Dark Souls 2 DLC and a little gameplay of some Mario Kart 8 DLC. Hope you enjoy them :3

Dark Souls 2 – DLC Crown of the Old Iron King – Part 2: Brume Tower 2

Tales of Xillia 2 English – Part 30: 4th Gigantos Batch

Tales of Xillia 2 English – Part 29: Quests! #2

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Floating City | Ciudad Flotante | Nina Lindgren


Stockholm-based illustrator, printmaker, and artist Nina Lindgren was been working with cardboard to build a series of stacked geometric cityscapes that look like small architectural islands. The works are assembled like puzzles from carefully cut cardboard panels with internal lights for some of the houses. Her most recent piece, “Floating City” was recently on view at ArtRebels Gallery. You can see more over on her website.

La ilustradora, y artista Nina Lindgren – de Estocolmo- ha estado trabajando con cartón para crear una seria de paisajes geométricos de ciudades que lucen como pequeñas islas arquitectónicas. Los trabajos son ensamblados como puzzles hechos de paneles de cartón cuidadosamente cortados, con luces al interior de algunas casas. Su obra más reciente “Ciudad Flotante” fue recientemente expuesta en ArtRebels Gallery. Puedes ver más de su trabajo en su sitio web.

via ThisIsColossal

© Nina Lindgren © Nina Lindgren

© Nina Lindgren © Nina…

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Red Bull presents Project Acheron…finally a reality series worth watching

Unofficial Networks

Finally a reality series worth watching.

« Four elite athletes cross the proverbial river of pain to undergo transformation in a way no cross-training program has ever done before. The athletes – expedition kayaker Rafa Ortiz, surf ironman Australian Matt Poole, big-wave surfer Ian Walsh and multisport waterman Kai Lenny – are guided by two former Navy Seals who purposely create high-performance challenges at every turn. The River Acheron, also known as the River of Pain, forms the border of Hell in Dante’s Inferno, and serves as a metaphor for the program. Red Bull Project Acheron merges extreme environments, the power of the unknown, and elite athletes into a highly engineered and singular athletic training experiment. The mission also has a scientific purpose, as the athletes’ brains are scanned pre- and post-trip to analyze how the brain reacts and adapts to stress. »

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Falcon and The Winter Soldier Accepts

Sparx Entertainment

Once upon a time, we may have been amused simply by watching celebrities dump water on themselves in honor of ALS research, but a few weeks and thousands of videos later, it now takes something a little more outside the box to really get our attentions. Fortunately, Captain America stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan found just that route when they decided to do the deed in costume.

Of course, as you saw in the above video, it’s not quite the costumes fans were expecting. No, instead of suiting up and rocking the outfits they wear on camera, they procured miniaturized versions of their characters and dumped ice water on them. It’s a great little departure from the audience’s expectations and perhaps most importantly, it taps into a key element of Marvel’s success.

Whether true or not, Marvel has been able to create a sense that everyone who works on…

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