Random Favorite!

J’aime bien Sephora, ça sent si bon et on peut trouver de super parfums 🙂
I like Sephora, smells so good there and we can find some nice fragrances 🙂

Whimsical Lavender

Hello everybody! 

So I thought I would rave about this random product I have been loving lately. I got is as a sample from Sephora last week and have been using it daily. I love it! It’s a natural exfoliant that leaves my skin feeling really soft and glowing. It’s called Facial Radiance Polish from First Aid Beauty. The sample came in this tiny little bottle and it has lasted over a week! You just use a tiny little bit on your face and it works wonders. The product is a little bit more pricy ($24) so I am kind of hesitant to buy the full bottle, but I know that it will be great investment. Most products break out my face, but this one has natural ingredients and it has been wonderful to use. So I thought I would just throw that out there and let you know about…

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How to learn phonics effectively?

Très utile
Very useful

Magz ESL Hub

You stumbled to this page because you want to know how to learn phonics effectively to improve your pronunciation so I will not disappoint you.  

Learning phonics is not so far away with Mathematics.  Just like Math, you need constant practice doing the exercises in order to be mentally alert.  The only difference is, you don’t have to memorize formula just like in Math.  

In learning phonics, you need to train your tongue and be aware with how you articulate words in English. 

Here are some tips on how to learn phonics.  

  • Study any phonics book you have with the help of a teacher.   It is always the best to have someone guide and teach you while learning phonics. The teacher can easily detect and correct any mistakes you make in your pronunciation practice.
  • Imitate what you hear.  If you study by yourself and not certain about…

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Frequently used acronyms in English

Magz ESL Hub

  •  CELTA: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

This is a specific brand name TEFL certificate course administered by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and Royal Society of Arts, based in England.

  • EAP: English for Academic Purposes.
  • EFL: English as a Foreign Language

It refers to the specialized approaches of teaching English designed for those non-native speakers of English in a non- English speaking country

  • ELL: English Language Learner

A term often used to refer to a student in an ESL or EFL program.

  • ELT: English Language Teaching or Training
  • ESL: English as a Second Language

It refers to the specialized approaches of teaching English designed for those non-native speakers of English in an English speaking country.

  • ESP: English for Specific Purposes.
  • ESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • L1: Language 1

It refers to the student’s native (primary or first acquired) language.

  • L2: Language…

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Cheesecake Fat Bombs!

photo - Copy (11)

If you are eating a Low Carb/ LCHF eating plan you probably already understand that your main source of energy should come from fat. A true Ketogenic diet is as high as 70% Fat 20% Protein and 10% Carbs. But, let’s face it adding high fat snacks can prove to be a little tricky. This is where“fat bombs” come to save the day. These tasty morsels come to your rescue when you just need a little something to tie you over. Fat bombs may be the easiest way to make sure you are in ketosis. When your body burns fat instead of glucose. you are ketosis. Having enough fat can help speed up your weight loss. By the same token ,if you don’t have enough fat to fuel your metabolism you can experience a weight stall.

I make and keep mine in the freezer, for when I need a little extra energy…

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Eating Out in Bandar Seri Begawan: Top 10 Restaurants

Samuel Spencer, Freelance Writer

(Published by The Culture Trip. All rights reserved.)

As the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan’s culinary scene has been a relatively late developer. However, it is an exciting time for dining in the city, with new Asian fusion restaurants, local delicacies and the vibrant food markets that are so popular amongst the locals of the city. Discover the city’s food in all its bold and bizarre glory, from pizza pancakes to murtabak and Brunei’s most ‘sinful’ eatery.

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not so brief hiatus…

Shadow Detail

…So I’m back up and (I’d say running) but we’ll go for jogging… I’ve started studying again and it’s gotten me thinking about where I’m going with everything. I’ve missed posting on here, but know that everything has been a little all over the place.

I’ll keep posting anything new I’ve been working on, but really I know my focus has been my writing over the last few months and I forgot how much I love it.

So here’s a few of my doodles (because I can’t really call them anything else) and most of them are unfinished…I am a scatty person when it comes to finishing things – I always get a little bit too excited about doing something new.

I hope that I can be slightly more strict with myself again! But here goes…

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Let the Sun Shine On Your Face

Dave Wegiel Photography

The Brickhead Statues Outside of The Yue-Kong Pao Hall at Purdue

Last year I went to Pao Hall for the first time to see a play. As we were waiting to go inside the sun started to set. It really made the statues look more beautiful than they already were. I had my Nikon point and shoot with me at the time so I made a few pictures with the sun at my back. I wanted to try one into the sun, but the dynamic range of the scene was just too much for the point and shoot. This was one of the days that I wished that I had manual mode in the point and shoot, which led me to buying the Canon G16. I really need to head back over to Pao Hall to make some more photos of these statues. 

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Who is Careaux? Part I

On la surnomme la reine de l’illustration des baskets (les chaussures bien sûr). Tres beau travail !
Some people nicknamed her Queen of sneakers illustration. Nice work !


Some call her the Queen of sneaker illustration, others call her the Little Owl, but most, if not all of you would recognise her by her Instagram name, Careaux. The person behind it, Caroll Lynn van den Brom has been making tremendous strides in the last year with her illustrations, and with the wind firmly in her sails, is expected to keep rising to what are limitless possibilities. Coming off the back of an exhibition coordinated by one of the biggest and most influential people in the street wear game, Jeff Staple, Careaux is undoubtedly a personality that big players are not only beginning to notice, but admire. With some more exciting collaborations on the way, this truly does look like the time for the Little Owl.

Her story is one of tremendous strength, persistence and an unyielding determination to make her dreams come true, and when told, is a truly inspiring and admirable tale. It is through a series of unique…

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Continuing down the road of stylized modeling, which led me to Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. This character was definitely a challenge, especially his head. Getting it to look right from all views was near impossible, part of the things that might work well in 2D but not necessarily in 3D. In the end, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

The process began with a high resolution digital sculpture in Zbrush, then I did retopology in Topogun. Maps were baked in xNormal and texturing in ZBrush using polypaint.

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Our Adventures in Taiwan (w/ illustrations)!


famiCelebrating Chinese (Lunar) New Year wouldn’t be complete without my husband’s family.
Dawen and I exploring Taipei by bike.taib2Dawen and I waiting for the bus.taib6Dawen and I relax at Da’an Park.

taib5My husband and I enjoying many Taiwanese creations such as bubble tea.taib3My husband and I sometimes do our own (Taiwanese version) KTV. While Karaoke was invented in Japan, Taiwan took a step further and had an idea of creating private rooms.

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Lancement de livres-jeux pour stimuler l’apparition du langage

Très bonne idée pour ceux qui ont des enfants en bas-âge ou les futurs parents.

Éditions Dédicaces


Le 12 juin 2013, nous revenions de Bali avec une tonne d’images qui allaient constituer la base pour élaborer nos livres-jeux. Nous étions loin de penser qu’une autre année allait devoir s’écouler avant de les mettre en marché.

Une personne œuvrant dans le milieu de l’édition nous avait dit à l’époque que la création d’un livre nécessitait des milliers de prises de décisions.  Nous trouvions qu’elle exagérait un peu, mais maintenant que nous avons terminé le processus, nous devons lui donner raison.  Une année entière de réflexions, de prises de décisions et de résolutions de problèmes a été faite, une étape nécessaire afin d’offrir une collection de livres-jeux qui répondent à mes exigences de qualité (et maintenant une application). Ce matériel facilite l’apprentissage du langage et de la communication chez les bébés et les jeunes enfants en intégrant pictogrammes et langage signé.

En mai 2014, nous avons mis en ligne notre…

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Requêtes Google très obscènes

En effet il y a vraiment de drôles de requêtes, on en apprend tous les jours et en plus l’orthographe parfois laisse à désirer. En tout cas j’ai vraiment bien rigolé.

Solange te parle

Compte tenu de mes centres d’intérêts idéologiques, j’ai abordé jusqu’ici plusieurs thématiques intimes. Ce qui me vaut tous les jours la visite d’internautes égarés…

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Snow Art | Euromaxx

Hip-Hop Around The World by "Mezz32000"

Ajoutée le 14 déc. 2012

For British artist Simon Beck, scenes in the snow are his castles in the sand. Beck seeks out winter landscapes on which to create impressive geometric images.
For more go to: http://www.dw.de/program/euromaxx/s-7…

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Un tee-shirt Plantain en rouge, gris et noir [Deer & Doe]

T-shirt original

So Gothish ! loisirs créatifs

Bonjour 🙂 Si vous êtes un peu au fait du monde de la couture et des patrons de créateurs indépendants, le fameux patron « Plantain » de Deer and Doe n’a pas pu vous échapper. Ce patron gratuit, offert gracieusement par Eléonore contre une inscription sur son site, vous propose de coudre un tee-shirt en jersey. Au choix : manches courtes, 3/4 ou longues, avec ou sans coudières. Il est moulant à la poitrine, et évasé à partir de la taille. C’est un excellent basique qui ravira la majorité des morphologies. Du coup, il y a de quoi s’amuser avec les jerseys ! (surtout qu’il n’en faut qu’environ 0.80-1m pour faire une version MC !)

J’ai pu coudre à ce jour 4 tee-shirts Plantain. 1 premier pour ma mère que je vous présente ici, 1 pour une amie (à têtes de mort), et 2 pour moi (1 uni noir et 1 léopard)…

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