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You may not know the primary language spoken in a country that you’re visiting, but maybe you have a working knowledge of the most important second language spoken. Movehub has created this fascinating infographic highlighting the second most common language for many nations. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, when you visit Argentina you can get by with the Italian you picked up hanging out at your local pizzeria.


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New Music: Nickelback – Edge Of A Revolution

Ils sont de retour, la bande à Chad Kroeger. J’aime beaucoup le groupe canadien Nickelback (cf les albums « All the right reasons » et « The long road » entre autres)
They are back, the Chad Kroeger leader band. I like so much Canadian Nickelback band (especially ‘All the right reasons’ and ‘The long road’ albums)

Where art intersects nature and the importance of word of mouth – The Haliburton Sculpture Forest

The Traveling Urbanite

Guardians of the Forest by Brett Davis Guardians of the Forest by Brett Davis

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a couple outdoor sculpture museums in the recent past. As with many good travel tips, I learnt about most of them through word of mouth. Most recently, I was doing some work just outside of Haliburton (Ontario, Canada), and was told there was a lovely sculpture forest in town so I went for an impromptu visit on my way home.

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My Favourite Europe Travel Apps –


Posted on 05. Aug, 2014 by in Europe Travel, Travel Tips Anytime someone asks me “What’s the one thing you wouldn’t travel without?”, my answer inevitably is “My iPhone” — what I commonly refer to as my other half (and yes, I am married to an actual human being).

from Pocket http://ift.tt/1yWPIiJ

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Broncos Most Expensive, Raiders Least Expensive AFC West Tickets

Abogado Aly

The AFC West was one of the best divisions in the NFL last season. It sent three teams to the postseason, including the AFC representative in the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos. Even with that amount of success, that doesn?t mean the division is expected to be particularly competitive. In fact, it?s entirely possible the division only sends one team to the postseason this year. The AFC West was given an incredibly easy schedule last season, and succeeded largely due to the poor competition throughout the AFC. Entering the season, there seems to be a clear hierarchy in the division, both on the field and on the secondary market.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1tjd29M
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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Before Spotify Enters, Russian Streaming Music Service Closes $20M Series A

J’utilise Spotify pour écouter ma musique personnelle, très bon service de musique.
I use Spotify to listen to my favorite music, great music service.

Abogado Aly

Hold up Spotify, Russia already has a free, legal music streaming service, and now they?ve got the funding to further support its ecosystem of apps, social media integrations, and a growing network. With over 15 million songs and 500,000 artists, Zvooq offers free streaming with ads, a subscription model, curated playlists, and a music store.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1miLGvr
via Abogado Aly Business Consulting

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First Look At Paul Rudd In Marvel’s « Ant-Man! »


ant-man-paul-rudd Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/The Walt Disney Company

Marvel Studio’s newest movie, « Ant-Man, » is now in production staring Paul Rudd, and we now have a promotional photo from the set.  The picture (above) shows Rudd looking up to no good (or possibly up to some good) near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  « Ant-Man » will premiere on July 15, 2015 and will be Marvel’s second movie of the summer.  Mega sequel, « Avengers: Age Of Ultron  » will drop in May.

Thoughts on the little preview?  Are you excited for « Ant-Man? » 

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Julianne Hough ‘Close To Signing Deal’ As ‘DWTS’ Judge — Report

Le « Danse avec les stars » américain sur ABC. Avec peut-être la charmante Julianne Hough comme 4ème juge. Ca doit déjà être je crois la 18ème ou 19ème saison.
The American DWTS « Dancing with the Stars » on ABC. With perhaps the pretty Julianne Hough as the 4th judge. It must already be I think the 18th or 19th season.

Wonder Woman Switching Sides and Joining up With S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Does everyone remember Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman in the David E. Kelley show? You do? I had hoped it was just a nightmare, but it was real. And It was terrible.

I don’t blame Palicki for Wonder Woman‘s failure. The show just seemed doomed from the start. First, there was the costume controversy. (Shorts? No, pants.) Then, add the bad terrible script that felt as though they had no concept of who the character was  at all. And it just looked downright cheap.

Let’s go back to better times, Friday Night Lights times. I loved that show and everything about it (Ok, mostly everything. The Landry/Tyra murder was AWFUL). Palicki as Tyra Collette was a big part of the core ensemble that made that show magical though. She certainly brought a little with her to FNL’s executive producer Jason Katims newest show About a Boy.

Next up for…

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[VIDEO] Kevin D. Williamson: Ferguson Policing ‘a Demonstration of Failure’

pundit from another planet

I missed this broadcast. From The Corner a few moments ago. Jonah Goldberg and Kevin D. Williamson are among Pundit Planet‘s favorite book authors and at-large news analysts, but we don’t get to see Mr. Williamson on TV often enough. Mr. end-is-nearWilliamson’s National Review reporting on Ferguson can be found herehere, and here.

[Kevin D. Williamson’s book – « The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome » is available at Amazon]


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EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder Heading to Ferguson to ‘Personally Perform Autopsy’ on Brown

pundit from another planet


« Any attorney general who is not an activist, even in matters of medical inquiry, is not doing his or her job.”

— Attorney General Eric Holder

FERGUSON, Mo. —Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will travel to this embattled St. Louis suburb to personally perform an autopsy on Michael Brown, dismissing charges that he’s interfering with the investigation by injecting himself into an examination for which he has no medical qualification.gberg_pretend-quote-holder

« We’ve all heard the rumor that Holder removed his own gall bladder with a pocket knife, without anesthesia, without pain medication. Utter nonsense. I happen to know that Mr. Holder did, in fact, use pain medication before that procedure. »

— National Review’s Jonah Goldberg

Holder didn’t confirm the self-surgery rumor, but defended his decision, insisting that his critics are misguided.  « An autopsy is not that hard. It’s a critical part of an investigation like this, one that requires the full…

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be beautiful.

It’s no secret – we ALL want clear, bright, flawless skin. Some of us have to work a bit harder than others to feel satisfied with our complexion, whether it’s due to genetics, environmental factors, or lifestyle. If you need a little advice on how to get brighter skin, try these five tips:

1. Exfoliate. 


Exfoliation is key if you want a brighter complexion. Your skin is covered by a thin layer of built up oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that make your beautiful face look dull. Exfoliation sloughs off the dead skin and unclogs pores while promoting cell renewal. By exfoliating 2-3 times per week, your complexion will become brighter and radiant in no time. I love using the Fine Facial Polish to exfoliate my skin. Also, a Clarisonic does a wonderful job of removing impurities from your pores so creams, serums, and moisturizers are absorbed better into your…

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3 massive sporting moments this past weekend


The past weekend was packed full of sporting action from a variety of codes, however, there were three standout moments that are most memorable and will surely be talking-points around the water-cooler this week.

South Africa v Argentina - The Rugby Championship

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South Africa 13-6 Argentina

The Springboks got off their Rugby Championship to a win against Argentina in a wet day in Pretoria.


South Africa got off to a great start in the rain at Pretoria after Pollard converted Ruan Piennar’s try after a great move with Coral Hendrinks which was initiated behind a maul that allowed Piennar to dive in the corner. After a penalty was scored on each side, the Pumas got a penalty which Nicalas Sanchez scored to put the scores back to 10-6. Polard then got the Boks a converted try ahead in the 50th minute after a succesful penalty.

There was no further score as the Springboks went on to beat the Pumas who still clinched a deserved devensive bonus point.

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Stade Français fell Castres

Fiji Rugby Blog

Clermont's Clement Ric scores the first try against Grenoble. Photo: Skysports Clermont’s Clement Ric scores the first try against Grenoble. Photo: Skysports

Djibril Camara’s last-gasp try gave Stade Français a shock win over last year’s runners-up Castres to open the season.

Elsewhere Oyonnax came within minutes of a famous victory before eventually losing by a single point away at Toulouse.

And the two promoted sides La Rochelle and Lyon were given an idea of how far they still have to go, coming away with nothing from games at Brive and Bordeaux, with Brive going top thanks to a bonus-point success.

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Weekend in Review: Wyndham Championship

Golf Analytics

The Wyndham Championship really acts as a breather in the PGA Tour schedule; following a run of two majors and a WGC event and preceding four playoff events in five weeks it’s not surprising that most of the best players skip this event. Instead of focusing on the best, this is mainly a week for those fighting to hold their tour card and earn a spot in the FedEx Playoffs by finishing top 125. It’s a week where everyone outside on the top 125 can dream of a top five finish or win that will get them in. Going into the final round both Heath Slocum and Brad Fritsch were poised to earn enough points to move into the Playoffs and keep their cards, but neither did enough in the end and only Sang-moon Bae (who started 126th this week) moved into the Playoffs and secured his card for next…

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Allo, Menie ?……

Article hommage à Ménie Grégoire. Même si je n’ai pas connu son émission sur RTL, j’ai écouté et regardé pleins d’archives. Une grande Dame de la radio s’en va, dans la lignée dans un autre genre de Macha Béranger qui officiait sur France Inter ou aujourd’hui Brigitte Lahaie sur RMC ou Caroline Dublanche sur Europe 1 par exemple qui recueillent des confidences d’auditeurs (trices).

marc niño

C’est fini, Menie ne répondra plus jamais. Il faut dire que depuis un moment déjà la ligne était coupée. Même si des braises laissées par la prêtresse des confidences radiophoniques un peu chaudes, de nouvelles flammes ont ressurgi attisées par le nouveau souffle de Brigitte Lahaye sur RMC, l’origine de ce monde est bien Gregoirien. Les médias sont voraces et le public infidèle. Nous avons beau le savoir, chaque fois la preuve en est donnée et c’est l’ hypocrisie collective qui prend le relais. C’est fou comme le petit monde des médias aimait Menie Grégoire ! Depuis qu’elle est morte …… Car qui s’intéressait ces derniers temps a cette dame qui a chauffé de bois vert les antennes durant les hivers de 1967 à 1982 ? Tous les « anciens » professionnels vont dire qu’elle était leur  » amie « , les plus jeunes vont faire « comme si » pour simuler une empathie avec…

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