« To See a World…. »


imageRaindrop and leaf, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

When I stopped to photograph this drop of water captured on a palm leaf, I was reminded of the first line of William Blake’s poem, « To See a World in a Grain of Sand ». But as often happens, I heard more in my head than what was actually written.

Wally and I had been out for his evening constitutional when I saw this leaf with the last drop of rain from an afternoon shower. It only took a moment to put Wally’s leash on the ground where I could keep a foot on it to free my hands to make a few photographs; an impromptu act I didn’t want spoil with a tripod.

To be honest, I didn’t remember that the poet was William Blake, and at the moment it didn’t matter. What was/is of interest to me was that I was…

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