The Despair In Iraq


This past week, Obama finally decided to recognize there was an issue in Iraq. He has decided to do the “humanitarian” thing, and deliver aid to the poor Yazidis trapped in the mountains in Iraq. Obama has authorized bombing of ISIS targets if they threaten US citizens and consular staff. This sounds great. But it’s not; it is too little, way too late. Children are being beheaded, Christian as well as Muslim children, as well as their parents and grandparents, for any reason the ISIS terrorists can think of. Women have been stoned to death for “adultery”. And who determines adultery in ISIS? Well, if you’re the woman, forget about it.

Obama has had the intelligence briefings. He has had briefings from his national security team. Obama has talked with Middle East leaders. He has gotten briefings from leaders of the rebels in Syria. Kurdish leaders have spent the last…

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