Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Oh, the Places We See . . .

It wasn’t what I would call intentional.  Looking for zigzags, that is.  But nature has a way of showing off in an exquisite setting like Rocky Mountain National Park, offering magnificent examples for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag.

At the Alpine Visitor Centerzigzag fencing outside the front door directs your eyes to the vista ahead . . .

Jack Fence: Alpine Visitor Ctr

where the zigzag of mountains hovers above layers of land below.

Rocky Mountain National Park vista

Tourists like us zigged and zagged along the winding highway.  Slowly, of course.  We didn’t want to miss a photo op left or right or front or back.

Winding road, Rocky Mtn. Nat. Park

And then when we spied a line of cars parked alongside the road. We, too, pulled over for a closer look.  Sure enough, those ahead had spotted the prize we were seeking:  elk grazing at eventide backed by a zigzag of mountain color.

Elk at eventide: Rocky Mtn. National Park

For more information on Rocky Mountain National Park,

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Safari Photo Urbain: Aachen


Comme vous le savez, j’ai décidé de participer au Safari Photo Urbain d’Eeleesible.

But du Safari Urbain: Prendre en photo une église/cathédrale ; une plaque de rue ; une enseigne de magasin ; un habitat typique ; un arbre ; des fleurs ; une boite aux lettres ; un commerce typique de ville/village (poste, boulangerie, boucherie etc) ; un élément de votre choix (quelque chose qui caractérise votre ville/village par exemple).

Apres Verviers, Liege,Maastricht, voici Aachen, Allemagne.

Une cathédrale: DSCN6793DSCN6795DSCN6818Une plaque de rue: DSCN6785

Une enseigne de magasin:  DM (équivalent de Boots en GB) et Nobis Printen (biscuits pain d’épices)

DSCN6874DSCN6819Un habitat typique: tres coloré! DSCN6801Un arbre:  beau parc a coté de l’office de tourismeDSCN6825Des fleurs: DSCN6800Une boite aux lettres: dur dur pour en trouver une. Je pensais que les allemands n’écrivaient pas :-D…

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Never Before…..

Le Tissier Designs

Well, Hello?! Well, Hello?!

……Has a squirrel stood still while I focused and aimed the camera – usually I am trying to catch up to them as they are darting away! Squirrels are skittish. They like to be up in the trees scolding, and throwing pinecones!

Should I stay or should I go!? Should I stay or should I go!?

Yesterday morning at Planta Park this squirrel and I bonded over a pine cone breakfast – his breakfast, not mine!  This was one happy, placid squirrel.  Tom, Sophie and I weren’t even six feet away when we noticed each other!

Well this is pretty good - maybe a few more bites - they look pretty harmless! Well this is pretty good – maybe a few more bites – they look pretty harmless!

The squirrel was dining on a pine cone, and it must have been good!  We could see the squirrel thinking about taking off – but then – he settled down and started eating again – and all the while I was taking pictures.  After a…

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No way! This week’s photo challenge is all about texture. I love taking photos of textures. I think it’s a habit that I picked up from my cousin. We used to go on holiday together a lot when we were children, and whilst the rest of us were taking photos of the local tourist attractions Hannah would be facing the other way shooting close-ups of rock faces and walls.

Here are a few I dug out from my collection:

Click here to see lots more textures.

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Cherry tart

X Number of Words


There are a lot of good that come out of de-frosting the freezer. Of course you get a freezer that’s much more easily accessible, but the best part is that you actually find out what you’ve got in there. This time, I found a couple of bags of cherries from last year! Not feeling like trying to stuff them back after I was done, I decided to make them into tarts.

The recipe I used came from Linda Lomelino, writing for the blog Call Me Cupcake.

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Badlands Harrier

MJ Springett

badlands harrierx4Friends, had to take some time away from this blog to visit the North Dakota badlands.  Twice in one year is an unusual event, but also attended my 50th high school reunion then it is only another 150 miles to the badlands.  This is a Northern Harrier gliding over a hilltop and i was able to grab four focused images, i combined them for this composite image.  I would never been able to identify this bird without my experiences on Hawk Ridge last fall.  His brownish feathers say he is an immature bird and f you look closely you can see his owl face.  til Tomorrow MJ

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Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh.

Stephen G Hipperson


The Fisherrow harbour at Musselburgh in Scotland is a lovely little harbour.  From what I saw, the harbour is mainly used for leisure sailing yachts, though a couple of fishing boats were moored on the far side (maybe others were out fishing until the tide turned).  It would have been nice for the tide to have been in, for a few reflections, but I’d settle for a lovely sunny day instead.


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On to lighter places…

Occidental among Oriental


Dusk falls fast here. Once 8pm comes around, it’s as though someone is standing at the edge of the sky with a large dimmer switch. If you stand still and watch, you see your surroundings smoothly fade into shadows.

But they compensate for this swift darkness…

Tianfu Square, at the very top of Ren Min Lu, is the most vibrant city centre I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’ve never been to Times Square, but here I was like a child visiting Disneyworld for the first time, eyes wide, grinning from ear to ear. The place just has an air of excitement and frivolity.

Emerging from the metro station in the centre of the square, I felt like a moth: confused by which flame I should be heading for, yet ecstatic to be presented with such a choice:

A tower to my left sends darts of bright white light shooting down…

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Chanson de gestes, à Saint Antoine l’Abbaye

Le Blog de Jean Gaillat

L’austre Dimanche d’Aoust 2014 alors que promenions enstre gueux et fanions

Tranquilles comme Baptiste en la verte prairie de Saint Antoine l’Abbaye

Nostre surprise fut grande quand vil mendiant entreprit ma grande


Et lui proposa Oh Vilaine ? Veux tu bien être Mienne

Je m’apprêtais à héler la garde en bataille mêlée


Quand j’avisais deux Sarrasins qui voulait la prendre en Butin


Tandis que je m’avançais pour leur coller un taquet

Et que je sortais ma rapière, je vis jaillir une sorcière


De peur que celle ci ne m’occice, lui tendis une saucisse

Et lui dis vieille ribaude, follasse, Vade retro Satanas


C’est alors que Frère Marc qui passait là me remarque

Et d’un bras protecteur tente de m’imposer en Vainqueur

le pater n’est pas belliqueux mais ne suis point fou de Dieu

Aussi quand j’entrevis dans la pénombre, une file de Vierges en grand nombre


Je courus jouer du…

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China’s Cliffside Plank Path Will Give you Goose Bumps


south peak cliffside plank path hua shan china (1)

Photograph by Harry Alverson

Hua Shan is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, about 120 kilometres (75 mi) east of Xi’an. It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains and has a long history of religious significance. Hua Shan is classified as having five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 ft).

It is on South Peak where you will find the famous Cliffside Plank Path. The exhilarating mountain hike is not for the faint of heart. There is a cost of approximately 30 yuan (just under $5 usd) and you are given two straps to hook onto wires on the path. The plank path includes steel rod ladders, footholds carved out of the cliff and narrow wooden plank walks. All of this is located thousands of feet above ground (check out the video at the bottom for…

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C’est l’heure du thé !

Année sabbatique à la voile

Cameron Highlands

Depuis la ville d’Ipoh, j’ai fait un aller-retour dans les Cameron Highlands réputées en particulier pour leurs plantations de thé.

Le choix photo n’a pas été simple. Désolée si je vous fait faire une overdose de thé, mais moi je ne m’en lasse pas, ces paysages sont tout simplement magnifiques !

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