Everyday is Sunday

Author K.D. Bloodworth

PICT0003_Fotor_Collage free weekend

I’m not kidding anyone!  I never thought I would live this long.  Never even crossed my mind that one day I would be pushing 65!  My parents tried to tell me I would get old one day and me knowing everything at the time, I knew they were crazy!  Why they weren’t even that old yet, how could they know?  I couldn’t even imagine that one day, everyday would be Sunday!

I am now living when I have no schedules, other than the ones I put on myself.  I’m doing my best to maintain those just to hair cuts, doctor’s appointments and things to do with my husband and my mom.  No longer do I make sure by Sunday night all my work outfits are cleaned and pressed for the next work week.  I never thought I would become the woman who irons an outfit just before it’s worn.  But here…

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