Time up for Tiger, enter Rory McIlroy


We enter the final major of the year with a young man looking to make history in golf and take over the mantle as the sport’s poster boy for many years to come. Yet all the talk and media hysteria surrounds his predecessor who’s umpteenth injury has made Rory McIlroy’s phenomenal efforts lately look like a sideshow.

Wherever you look the narrative is almost exactly the same. The headline being Tiger Woods’ latest efforts at rekindling his hopes of surpassing Jack Nicklaus as the greatest golfer of all time, whilst McIlroy’s record-breaking achievements of the present day continue to be compressed to the next paragraph or later.

There is a great sense of hypocrisy for most of the media; on the one hand they’ll happily court the likes of Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and even McIlroy himself, enticing the younger stars into making a statement along the lines of « a…

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