Les (nouvelles) stars du Top 14

Nouveau Maillot De Foot 2015-nouveaumaillotdefoot2015.fr

C’est bien connu le Top 14 fait partie des championnats les plus relevés du monde. Toutes les stars rêvent d’y jouer, c’est pour ça que les différents club Français s’arrachent les pépites mondiales du rugby. Vavel France vous propose un petit tour d’horizon des recrues phares de cet intersaison.
Maillot de foot en promotion annuelle sur nouveaumaillotdefoot2015.fr! Notre maillot de foot est caractérisés par la haute qualité et bas prix, nos produits sont bienvenus parmi un grand nombre de clients. N’hésitez plus et mettez votre maillot de foot au panier tout de suite! Faites savoir à tout le monde que vous êtes pour ruelle équipe! Plus d’achats, plus de réduction!
Les (nouvelles) stars du Top 14
James O’connor / crédit : news.com

A coups de vedettes

Il faut d’abord se déplacer du côté de Toulon pour trouver l’arrivée de deux étoiles du rugby mondial actuel, avec la venue de Leigh Halfpenny, la star Galloise, qui s’est…

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) ☆☆☆(3/4): A goofy but spirited space adventure

Seongyong's Private Place

guardiansofthegalaxy04 With its own style and wit, “Guardians of the Galaxy” bounces around its space opera playground with its colorful outlaw characters who are always the constant source of surprise and amusement throughout the film. While it eventually arrives at the predictable third-act action climax just like any other recent comic book adaptations, this joyous entertainment is packed with infectious charm and zany energy to be savored, and we come to see lots of genuine humor and wonder inside its goofy plot while finding its main characters more endearing than before.

At the beginning, we are introduced to a young boy named Peter Quill(Wyatt Oleff), who is about to say goodbye to his dying mother at the hospital. Right after she gives him another cassette tape mix of songs as her final present(it is 1988, by the way), Quill’s mother dies before his eyes, and then Quill is suddenly taken away from…

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Flora Grubb Gardens

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll keep the commentary to a minimum.

Someone recently told me about Flora Grubb Gardens.  While I love all things floral and leafy, and thus, immediately fell in love with this spot (and the Ritual Coffee shop inside), I did not inherit my mom’s green thumb.  Nevertheless, I bought my first ever large plant (a ficus lyrata) and was forewarned that upon bringing it home, that up to 3 leaves would likely fall off and was assured that « it wouldn’t be [my] fault. »  Who knew plants got depressed?  Despite my photos below of succulents, they have all types of plants, large and small!

© Sarah Milstein 2014

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Paris, France

Project Light to Life




In my last post, I referenced Sammuel Johnson who said that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. True, I was not ready to leave London after spending just four days there, but our next stop was Paris, a city I had also always wanted to visit.

G.K. Chesterton suggested, “London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” Yet, when I think back to the elderly Parisian waiter who winced after I followed my “Bonjour” with “Uh, can I please have a hamburger?” my lack of command of the high school French I once took seems more puzzling to me. A comedian I went to see once commented that if he needed help or were being mugged in France, he would only be able to shout colors and numbers at his attacker: “Deux! Bleu!” I wondered if it would come to that.



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Au revoir, Paris…

Writing from the Heart, Reading for the Road

paris pont des arts sunset by sam Looking west at sunset from the Pont des Arts Photo by Sam Rueckert

And so it is time to say it again: au revoir, Paris…

There is always a little bit of melancholy in the last few days I am here each year. And then the whisper, or the saying-it-aloud as I head down the beautiful streets and toward the airport, at least when my kids were younger and were there with me to say it: « Au revoir, Paris, merci! » 

I have been lucky enough to have spent a month in Paris each summer for the past 17 years, teaching an American literature course (« Paris: A Literary Adventure »), to a group of American students studying abroad.

Every year is different, of course: different personalities, different group dynamics, different weather, and other variables can make for a different set of emotions as I help prepare them to return to the…

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The Tomboy Tee

bre stylish 101

The TomBoy Tee seems to be one of the newest trends out on the streets of London this month.

The look is made up of a slight grunge/over sized tee-shirt. The tees can have basic prints, screen images, or sports team themes. The style can be worn over leggings, shorts, pants, and even tucked into bottoms. Just make sure that when wearing this piece that you’re not drowning in it. Wear the tee, don’t let it wear you!

Take a look at the images above and decide whether or not this look is for you! Definitely looks comfy to me, especially in the hot summer months.

Below are some links to retailers that carry the TomBoy Tee. Have fun! ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Go To: Shop Style

Go To: Revolve Clothing

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Adieu, Paris, adieu! (Le Blog Framéricain, Partie 7)

C'est la vie américaine

Bien…c’est fini.

Après y être restée pendant le mois de juillet, mon séjour à Paris est fini.

Je suis assez triste, mais au même temps je suis heureuse que l’expérience soit enrichissante. Je ne regrette rien.

J’ai exploré la ville, j’ai developpé des amis que j’espère rester en contact au futur, j’ai mangé la cuisine française, et bien sûr, j’ai parlé français.

L’un de mes buts pour ce séjour était améliorer mon français. Particulièrement, mon orale, parler avec les français et les comprendre. Je crois que j’ai amélioré mais au même temps, je ne suis pas sûr. Je m’explique.

J’étudiais le français depuis 10 ans, mais l’expérience avait été inconsistante. Donc, mon français est assez…limité. Et aussi, je suis timide et je n’ai pas de confiance en moi pour parler plus fort: dans la classe, dans la maison.

Cependant, j’avais de la chance avoir un mère d’accueil qui ne parle…

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Paris (a Poem)

The Finicky Cynic


You, like the Seine,

always changing.
But still a history to me.
Church stained glass eyes
cutting straight into the clouds and blue skies
absorbing summer heat hot on women and gentlemen’s shoulders
as they weave lithe limbs through crowds
for all-day exhibitions at the Pompidou and Louvre,
shopping sprees along the stretch of les Champs Élysées,
dipping toes (and mouths) into gastronomically good gastronomy on the side.
This is you-
My Love.
I am here.
– The Finicky Cynic

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Our Guide to Paris-Where to Stay

Bringing Down the White Picket Fence


Paris, that magical place that makes people’s eyes sparkle.  Whether they’ve traveled there or not, the world swoons over Paris.  Maybe its love, maybe its good bread and cheese, or maybe its just that glittering tower that draws travelers in and keeps them coming back for more.  With all of its fascinating architecture, glittering lights, and bustling cafes, the city of Paris is dreamy and delicious and not to be missed.

I fell in love with Paris when I fell in love.  My husband, Paul, the artist behind all of the photos on this blog, hid a diamond ring in his camera bag and whisked me off to Europe to get down on one knee beneath the twinkling Eiffel Tower.  It was a grand gesture of romance, a girl’s dream come true, and an excellent way to introduce me to the other great love in Paul’s life-Paris.  He took me…

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The Day I Fell in Love.

Andi Goes Abroad

I’m in love.  The kind of love that makes your heart soar and palms get sweaty and you dream about it and you wake up and you just can’t imagine anything better than what you have.  Yeah, I’m in love.  With Paris.  Don’t get me wrong, Paris wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  We got lost, I got 4 hours of sleep, at one point I think my feet hurt….  Okay, so it was pretty much rainbows and butterflies.  I didn’t mind getting lost; this city is magical.  Every turn proved to have something equally as beautiful as the turn before it.  I got four hours of sleep because I was listening to the hustle and bustle outside our apartment window.  It’s not the same hustle and bustle that Chicago has, which was riding on my last nerve.  This noise was different…  I can’t quite explain it.  Maybe it’s because they…

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EuroTrip for a Weekend €33!


EuroTrip for a Weekend €33

Visit 4 countries in 3 days! TripHunters have just combined some flights departing from Budapest. Now you can book a small EuroTrip including Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark and Sweden for only €33! This price includes 3 flight tickets (1 of them is not with a low cost airline!) and 1 bus ticket.

Date: 15-17 November

This trip has 4 segment.

1st segment: Nov. 15.: Budapest – Brussels, Ryanair, €8. Bookable on Wego.com.
EuroTrip for a Weekend €332nd segment: Nov. 16.: Brussels – Luxemburg with bus. This line is operated by Flibcowhich offers many ticket for only €5. At this moment you can book ticket on their website until 19th of October. So we should wait for a while until the winter schedule will be announced.
EuroTrip for a Weekend €333rd segment: Nov. 16.: Luxemburg – Copenhagen with Scandinavian Airlines for only €8.79. Bookable on Opodo.de.
EuroTrip for a Weekend €33From…

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What makes you a man?

Writing Black & White

“What makes you a Man?”

I’m a man. I guess so.

What makes a person a man? I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man. Is there any standard you need to reach in order to be called “masculine” or “manly”?

As far as I know, there isn’t.

I’m just being myself. I goof around, I act on my emotions, I’m kind of feminine sometimes, I help people whenever I can, I keep my feelings to myself, I’m sometimes a wimp but at other times; I’m not. From all of those, you can tell some of those characteristics are considered “manly” and some are not. I don’t know, I’m not you: I’m just being me.

Our views of a person differ from one other. I personally see my dad is a manly man. He rarely cries, he teaches us to help other people voluntary, pushes…

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[Belgium] Jupiler Pro League: Anderlecht survive Mouscron scare

All Football


Standard 3-0 Charleroi

Despite claiming his side were not ready for the new season Guy Luzon’s Standard Liège had no trouble seeing off rivals Charleroi in the Walloon derby. Including only one of the teams new signings in the starting eleven, defender Jorge Teixeira, the makeshift Standard side were always comfortable.

Geoffrey Mujangi Bia’s two early goals from close range gave Standard the breathing room and inexperienced midfield duo François Marquet and Tortol Lumanza-Lembi were never overran. Mehdi Carcela added the third goal just before the hour mark with a free kick that bounced past Parfait Mandanda in the Charleroi goal. Jelle Van Damme could have made it four with his 67mph/108kmh shot rattling the post before Charleroi’s brightest attacking outlet Dieumerci Ngondala forced a great save from Kawashima minutes later.

In all it was a stroll in the park for Standard, whose first league test will likely be Gent…

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Watt Joins Standard Liege

View From the Press Box

Celtic have agreed and accepted a £1.2m fee with Standard Liege for the transfer of Scottish striker Tony Watt.

The deal was announced on Monday night and Watt will join the Belgian club, subject to a medical and agreeing personal terms with the club.

Watt was on loan to Liege’s rivals, Lierse last season and scored eight goals for the club.

He’s probably best known for his public bust ups with manager Stanley Menzo but, more so for the goal he scored against Barcelona in the UEfA Champions League, which helped them go on to achieve an historic 2-1 win against the Spanish Giants.

Liege are also reportedly interested in Celtic centre half Dirgil van Dijk who proved to be a brilliant success for the Scottish club last season.

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Three Reasons Why Lukaku Makes Chelsea And Everton Look Good

The Transfer Critic

After impressing at Goodison Park last season, Belgian International, Romelu Lukaku (age 21) is about to move from Chelsea F.C. to Everton F.C. in a deal worth around 30M Euro according to « The Daily Mail » today.

This is very good news for Everton fans, for Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea! Why lets look at some facts:

Seven Facts about Romelu Lukaku’s Playing Career: 

  • Aged 16, professional debut for Anderlecht against Standard Liege
  • Aged 16/17/18: featured in 73 appearances for Anderlecht, scoring 33 goals
  • Aged 18, Lukaku joined Chelsea in August 2011 from Anderlecht for a reported 10M Euro that could rise to 17M Euro.
  • After joining Chelsea Lukaku, spent his first season (2011/2012) playing for the reserves of Chelsea
  • Aged 19, Lukaku joined West Bromwich Albion on a season long loan, appearing 35 times and scoring 17 goals in the season 2012/13
  • Aged 20, Lukaku joined Everton on a season…

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La caravane du tour de France 2014


Pourquoi la caravane se déplace t’elle aussi vite ? C’est dangereux et notre pauvre cerveau ne peut pas s’imprégner des photons reçus en quantité insuffisante. On se croirait à l’age de pierre du Marketing !!! c’est pour cela que j’ai pris ma caméra de poche EEC car sinon j’aurais été incapable de me souvenir de toutes les marques qui ont défilé. Mon voisin a récupéré un cadeau. c’était un  porte clé lancé à la volé. Je vous livre ma sélection de photos. C’est comme si vous y étiez.

Ah les french fries fabriqué par McCain Ah les french fries fabriqué par McCain Biscuit salé pour l'apéro Biscuit salé pour l’apéro Bien vu Kleber C'est pratique pour les tonneaux Bien vu Kleber C’est pratique pour les tonneaux mais rien ne vaut mes pneus Michelin mais rien ne vaut mes pneus Michelin Moins de soucis avec une bonne vision Moins de soucis avec une bonne vision
C'est au tour du crédit Cofidis C’est au tour du crédit Cofidis
Qui vous permet de faire vos courses chez Carrefour Market Qui vous permet de faire vos courses chez Carrefour Market
Après une bonne journée n'oubliez pas de réserver votre hotel Après une bonne journée n’oubliez pas de réserver votre hotel
C'est l'heure de vous dire Bonne nuit et à bientôt C’est l’heure de…

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Souriez à votre tour


Il y a la tour et le tour. Pour la tour je choisirais le donjon de Charles V du chateau de Vincennes qui mérite vraiment le détour. C’est le must à voir si vous voulez vous immerger au  moyen-age.

Chateau de Vincennes Chateau de Vincennes

Pour le tour c’est celui d’aujourd’hui le tour de France et sa caravane avec son aspect populaire et festif qui a traversé l’avenue de la division Leclerc à Châtenay-Malabry. J’ai sélectionné pour vous quelques photos de Vittel pour la couleur rouge qui évoque bien la fraicheur que nous avons pu apprécier par la projections de gouttelettes diffusées sur les passants. J’ai bien aimé aussi  IBIS pour sa couleur bleue qui nous donne envie de nous plonger dans un sommeil reposant.

Souriez vous êtes filmé. ICI l'avenue de la division Leclerc à Châtenay-Malabry Souriez vous êtes filmé. ICI l’avenue de la division Leclerc à Châtenay-Malabry


Buvez Vittel  et ressourcez vous Buvez Vittel et ressourcez vous C'est le tour de France 2014 C’est le tour de France 2014 Hum... c'est bon Hum… c’est bon


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Vœu pour la protection de la cité-jardin de la Butte rouge


6a012875a1ac94970c0168e7fae9e1970cLors du conseil municipal du 3 juillet 2014, notre groupe a présenté un vœu tendant à lancer une procédure d’aire de valorisation de l’architecture et du patrimoine de la cité-jardin de la Butte rouge (AVAP). Le Maire a fait voter sa majorité contre ce vœu au prétexte qu’une telle procédure empêcherait toute rénovation de ce quartier. C’est bien mal connaitre cette procédure qui se veut plus légère qu’une mesure de classement et qui reste à l’initiative de la municipalité. Nous avons défendu durant la campagne des municipales la rénovation de ce quartier qui en a cruellement besoin mais nous pensons aussi que ce quartier mérite une reconnaissance patrimoniale et architecturale.

Pour en savoir plus sur la procédure d’AVAP : http://www.outil2amenagement.certu.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/avap-aires-de-valorisation-de-l-r261.html

Notre vœu :

“Notre ville a la chance d’avoir des espaces verts et un patrimoine précieux en Ile de France. Cependant une partie de ce patrimoine n’est pas reconnue à…

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Ajax Home Shirt

No FIFA? No Problem!






Well known for having one of the best academies in World football, there’s a lot to like about Ajax. From being in an awesome city such as Amsterdam to their seemingly always awesome shirts, Ajax are a fantastic club.

They are the most successful club in the Netherlands with  33 Eredivisie titles and 18 KNVB Cups and they were ranked as the seventh most successful European club of the 20th century. They won the Champions League in three consecutive years from 1971-73 and again in 1995. Unfortunately with the ever increasing amounts of money being thrown around by other European leagues, Ajax aren’t the dominant force they once were.

Under Frank de Boer they have won four straight league titles so domestically they are still a big name, normally fighting for the Eredivisie with PSV, Feyenoord and FC Twente.

The amount of quality players that have come through the ranks at…

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