Amazing Mailbox Quest

Memories are made of this

 Mail delivery is becoming a disappearing service in Australia, and I believe, also in many other countries. Emails and internet have taken the joy of seeing the post-man pop a letter in the mailbox for you to collect. Maybe you make a cup of tea first then take the cuppa and the precious letter to your favourite spot to read and re-read every word. Letter writing is becoming a dying art. Now it is a quick email, basic and to the point. No delicious descriptions of what is happening, no word pictures of where the person has been or how they are feeling. A click on the delete button and the email is gone.

In the past, before computers, history was preserved in letters and written documents. Today the communication is mainly emails that once read and answered, go in the trash bin. I wonder how today will be deciphered by historians. In the past precious letters would be…

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Amber Glow in Burnt Sequoia Tree

Aperture Hour

Amber Burnt Sequoia Trunk

The vibrant amber glow to this image was very interesting to me. I like how it complemented the deep black with in the inside of the Sequoia tree. To me it was symbolizing that this living giant has had scars and seem many years, but yet it is still thriving in its environment.

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As promised…..

Stay at home with Dory

Some of the bird photos I’ve been taking of birds coming to my feeders.



This baby bird made me laugh so much with how it chirps and chirps to get food from its parent when it’s almost as big as the parents. Lol


I sure do love the hummingbirds!!! This little one thinks no one else can eat off the feeder and chases the others away most the time when it’s eating.

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