4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell Shown in High-Quality Photos and Video


Over the past six weeks, we?ve seen a fewphotos and even a video of what has been claimed to be the actual rear shell of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, showing a nearly all-metal design with separate bands presumably to accommodate the antennas at the top and bottom.

feldvolk_iphone_6_shell_interiorInside of rear shell
(Click for larger)

MacRumors has now received a number of new photos and a video showing a similar version of the part. The first part comes via Feld & Volk [Facebook page], a Moscow-based company selling modified luxury versions of the iPhone. Feld & Volk says it has been working with the same factories that make spare parts for Apple products for more than six years, enabling it to get a head start on modifying the device for its customers. Feld & Volk has been using sapphire crystal on its high-end modified iPhones for several years…

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Chromecast update lets you mirror your Android screen on a TV


Android screen mirroring with Chromecast

Google vowed that Android users would finally get official screen mirroring on Chromecast through an update, and it?s making good on that promise by rolling out the Chromecast 1.7 app today. Grab the new release and supporting devices (primarily from HTC, LG and Samsung) can send just about anything to a TV just by hitting a ?cast screen? button. If you?re using a Nexus device, you don?t even have to launch any software ? the feature will pop up in Android?s quick settings. You?re high and dry if your devices aren?t on Google?s compatibility list, but don?t worry too much. We hear there are third-party mirroring apps that can pick up the slack.

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Source:Google Chrome Blog

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Centrafrique: la présidente condamne les actes barbares, deuil national de trois jours

World Vision

Bangui – La présidente centrafricaine Catherine Samba Panza a condamné mercredi la poursuite des actes barbares et criminels après la mort lundi de 26 déplacés dans une attaque à Bambari (centre) et décrété un deuil national de trois jours à partir de jeudi.

Un deuil national de trois jours en mémoire des Centrafricains tués le 7 juillet 2014 à Bambari (…) est décrété sur toute l’étendue du territoire de la République Centrafricaine à compter du jeudi 10 juillet 2014. Le drapeau centrafricain sera mis en berne durant cette période, indique le communiqué de la présidence diffusé par la radio nationale.

26 personnes, dont 11 femmes, ont été tuées et 35 blessées lundi soir sur le site où sont installés des milliers de déplacés à Bambari, à la cathédrale catholique Saint-Joseph, selon un nouveau bilan de la Croix-Rouge locale mercredi.

Le site a été attaqué par des hommes armés portant des…

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Playing catch up!

Rebecca Plotnick Photography

Recently I was with a friend who asked me if I journaled. Well the answer is yes, but since I have the blog I feel like I document a lot of stuff here. But I realized I didn’t have time to journal or blog lately! Life has been a little crazy lately which for most people it slows down in the summer. I am working on some exciting new plans for 2015. Fingers crossed they all work out! I am headed to NYC for meetings and to photograph one of my favorite cities. I have a running list of food spots I want to check out. Most of the spots on my list are French food places that they happen to have in NYC. A few include Eric Keyser where my baguette was typically from in Paris, Maison du chocolate I have had a strong craving for chocolate with praline…

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les_vacances_du_petit_nicolas_18-1170x780Démarrage légèrement décevant pour LES VACANCES DU PETIT NICOLAS avec 2 657 entrées Paris 14H sur 27 copies. C’est largement moins bien que le premier volet qui cumulait 5 968 entrées pour son démarrage. Reste que le film devrait largement mieux fonctionner en Province (il a d’ailleurs cumulé 12 091 entrées à 14H Paris + Périphérie) et profiter des vacances scolaires pour se maintenir sur la durée.

Estimation cumul 1ère semaine : 900 000 entrées

Estimation cumul final : 3 500 000 entrées


1. LES VACANCES DU PETIT NICOLAS (Wild Bunch) 2 657 27
2. A TOUTE EPREUVE (Gaumont)  619 15
3. BLUE RUIN (Disney)  557 9
4. DU GOUDRON ET DES PLUMES (ad vitam) 355 11
5. COLDWATER (Kmbo) 279 7

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A Late Post On Photos From Last Week

A Mixed Bag

Over the last week I have been out of time all the time and as such, I didn’t get a chance to post the photos that I was going to, the ones that didn’t make it to the photo of the week. I also haven’t done the two help topics I have been asked to do yet, but I will endeavour to do that tomorrow as I have no plans on going out then.

Here are some of the photos that never made it.

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Ce message est important. Nous recherchons 11 hommes habillés en maillot jaune short bleu et chaussettes blanches surnommé « les brésiliens » si vous les retrouvez, ramenez les au stade où ils sont attendu pour jouer leur match.
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