Memory pods – 27

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Untitled (Memory pods #27, A Missing Memory) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

A version of this photograph was one of my early Memory pods #05 that I had heavily manipulated, see below. In conjunction with version #01, this photograph was drawing me deeper into this investigation of memory and its preservation. In both versions of this photograph, I was interested in the visualization of the missing (memory) pod. With the desaturated version #05, I think that the stem that is missing the pod is very subtle, almost lost amongst the forest of parts, as compared to the version #27 above.

I had not really noticed until last night the the missing pod also meant the death of the stem that had supported it, which was now turning white. The whiteness of this stem as it was in the midst of dying gave me a jolt. I have heard that for…

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Israël: l’Annus Horribilis

Strategika 51

Israël vit un cauchemar sans fin. Après l’échec de sa stratégie de division en Syrie où il a tout fait pour présenter la guerre comme une confrontation sanglante entre deux courants de l’Islam en se basant sur l’ancien schisme primordial entre Sunnisme et Chiisme, voilà que les dissensions intestines inter-palestiniennes prennent publiquement fin avec la création d’un gouvernement palestinien d’union nationale, certes fragile, mais assez pour faire paniquer l’ensemble des inamovibles oligarques israéliens.

Cet échec marque l’effondrement de plusieurs constructions pseudo-intellectuelles ayant servi à affaiblir à la fois les environnements immédiats,  intermédiaires et lointains d’Israël.

Comme à chaque tombée des masques, le gouvernement israélien a recours aux excès. Il menace d’annexer la Ci-Jordanie au mépris des résolutions des Nations Unies, il « bloque » (en fait c’est du vol caractérisé) les taxes et redevances palestiniennes, il coupe l’approvisionnement en eau, en fuel et en électricité sur les populations palestiniennes (mais jamais Internet…

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Obama to nominate first U.S. ambassador to Somalia in more than two decades

(CNN) — President Barack Obama plans to nominate the first U.S. ambassador to Somalia in more than two decades, a top State Department official said Tuesday.

Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman called the decision « a reflection both of our deepening relationship with the country and of our faith that better times are ahead. »

Sherman said the nomination would occur « soon, » but did not give any specifics.

Sherman said the United States has no plans in the immediate future to open an embassy in Mogadishu, the Somali capital wracked by violence from al Qaeda-linked extremist group Al-Shabaab. Last month, the group launched a deadly attack on the nation’s parliament.

The new ambassador would work out of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, with another dozen or so diplomats working on Somali issues, and would travel to Mogadishu.

« I would hope that in years ahead … that we will see a full…

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Bird People, Anaïs Demoustier s’envole

Scarpe Ciné

Pascale Ferran, la cinéaste de Lady Chatterley, réalise un drame franco-américain, Bird People. Une fable autour deux passagers attendant leur liberté.

Dans un hôtel de l’aéroport de Roissy, Gary Newman (Josh Charles) et Audrey Camuzet (Anais Demoustier) déambulent dans les couloirs et chambres avec un silence envoûtant. Avant qu’ils se croisent, lui décide de démissionner de ses lourdes charges professionnelles et elle, voler de ses propres ailes. Au commencement, la réalisatrice ouvre son film sur la cohue de la gare du Nord et imagine la pensée des passagers d’un métro. En filmant ces inconnus, nous pouvons tout de suite nous identifier à eux. Cette première séquence est le reflet d’une réalité mais nous met dans l’attente. Enfin, Pascale Ferran s’arrête plus longuement sur une jolie étudiante jouée par Anais Demoustier. Cette dernière nous entraîne dans son boulot pour payer ses études. « J’adore varier les personnages et les énergies…

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Touch-enabled Office could be headed to Android ahead of Windows 8


Microsoft has been quite overt with its mobile-minded strategy, and now it seems a touch-friendly version of Office is headed to Android next ? before it arrives on Windows 8. ZDNet reports the productivity suite will outfit Google?s OS ahead of Microsoft?s own devices, the latter of which is now said to be pushed to early 2015. When speaking at the Code Conference last week, CEO Satya Nadella disclosed that touch-enabled Office apps hit the iPad first due to its massive lead in market share. That being said, with the bulk of mobile users on iOS and Android, it seems Microsoft is truly taking aim at bringing its popular software to as many users as possible, even if they aren?t using its OSes on the daily.

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AirPlay on iOS 8 doesn’t need a network to stream your media


AirPlay between an iPhone and an Apple TV

Right now, Apple?s AirPlay media streaming requires an established WiFi network to fly. That?s fine when you?re at home, but do you really want to ask for a friend?s hotspot password just to show vacation photos on their Apple TV? Mercifully, iOS 8 will let you skip that hassle. One of the many under the radar upgrades to the software is peer-to-peer AirPlay support ? you can now share content to an AirPlay-capable device as long as you can make a direct connection.

The basic concept is old hat, as you might suspect. DLNA has done this for a while, and third-party apps on various platforms can pull this off. All the same, the improved AirPlay technology should be handy both for media-savvy socialites as well as presenters who aren?t always guaranteed network access in the meeting room.

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